63 thoughts on “Vitamin C Supplements for Terminal Cancer Patients

  1. I feel like I just watched an episode of Iron Chef on TV. Manufactured suspense is working. Will he disappoint us all? Who will win? Could it be? If so, why haven't we heard about it in the news? Curses! I'm hooked! Bad doctor, bad! First do no harm!

  2. The Mayo clinic were wrong to have changed the method by which Vit C was administered. What were they thinking? They should have replicated the original studies. Uncle Greger, you were too kind saying they could be forgiven.

  3. Noooo!!! Not again! These cliff-hangers are killing me faster than the cancer cells! How can I possibly live healthier & longer from this?

  4. Dr Greger, can you promise us there won't be any more cliffhangers? I'm terrified of heights and you're increasing my anxiety!!! BTW – Love your work, your book and the app too.

  5. Doc ahahah goddamnit the suspense is getting real here :)) Aye Imma go back to read How not to die altough I've been following you for a while on Nutritionfacts.org so I'm quite informed thanks to you !!


  6. Hahaha biggest cliff hanger ever! Fucking great video man, but I know the ending, so that kind of spoils the surprise :/

  7. This reminds me of those Vitamin D cancer/immune function/bone health trials which consistently show no results but all have weird huge bolus doses monthly or even yearly. The studies which show results are the ones that give daily doses. Makes sense since human beings evolved getting daily doses of sunlight at the equator.

  8. this is a theory i have always had about vitamin C taking it through the stomach would actually make the vitamin C effective rather than through the blood .i have always known this funny i dont even study medicine but i know more than researchers lol .

  9. but then again if the hospitals succeeded in finding that something as simple as vitamin C worked then there would be no money in cancer treatment and hospitals couldnt have that now could they :).

  10. '''Liposomal'''vitamine C is totally different.
    It's extremely powerful and push up/over the limits of your blood.

  11. I wonder if the vitamin C used was the pesticide-infiltrated GMO corn-derived ascorbic acid lab creation as compared to naturally-sourced C that seems to digested better.

  12. For those of us who don't have access to intravenous application, I'd like to hear your take on the liposomal option for C and other nutrients when you have a chance to Q it up…am I wasting my money?

  13. I don't trust the cancer Industry as far as I can throw them If they had a cure for cancer It would wipe out their Industry. I will even go as far as to say they perpetuate the disease.

  14. Personal story: I'm a 36 yo male, 6'2" 183 lbs

    Since switching 6 months ago, to a 99.5% vegan, whole foods, plant based diet, I have visibly grown younger. I look like I did when I was 23. If I buy wine, I get carded. My whole body functions like it did when I was in my physical prime. Moles I had, have flattened and lightened markedly, a hemorrhoid I had disappeared!

    My fingernails are more resilient and grow more quickly; my hairline grew back to where it used to be, my sexual function is back to what it was in high-school. My asthma vanished (95%) Early signs of rheumatoid arthritis and chronic back pain became absent. My skin-tone is what it was at age 20 (people have asked me if I started wearing concealer, I DON'T!)

    My muscle-mass is slowly but steadily increasing; my aerobic endurance is what it was at age 18. I am much more physically strong and my IQ was measured to have increased 25 points. All from diet. You can have it too, if you're willing to go ALL the way, as I have:)

  15. Plasma levels being maxed at 200mg is epic bs.

    From the journal of the New Zealand Medical Association,

    "We studied 139 consecutive consenting non-diabetic patients in an oncology clinic. The patients had been encouraged as part of their treatment to supplement AA. (Self-reported daily intake varied from 0 to 20 g/day. The plasma AA levels ranged from 11.4 to 517 µmol/L and correlated well with the reported intake)

    The original study – link is no longer available – sadly.

  16. The adrenals will be discovered one day to be a HUGE player in mitigating cancer and auto immune disease. Adrenal estrogen overload, cortisol dysfunction, down regulating T and B cells is a player IMO. Once the adrenal estrogen is controlled and the cortisol is funded along with Thyroid supplementation, you can watch Igg, IgA and IgM climb to normal levels and the disease process reversed. I have seen this in dogs. My own dog was 100% blind from a condition called SARDS. His health was failing. I was able to fin Dr Al Plechner to assist me with the protocol. I am happy to report that the disease process was reversed and my boys vision returned. The disease process was reversed. We ran labs, verified the adrenal estrogen was High, Thyroid low along with very low immunity. 3 shots of methyl prednisone at 45mg for a 20 lb dog and we did labs again. True to course the Thyroid was into the normal range, the cortisol was now in normal from very low and the IgA, IgE and IgM were all approaching normal. We then switched to 3mg medrol and ,4mcg T4. Within 6 weeks he was squinting in the sun. At 7 weeks his distance vision was returned and 8 weeks near vision. Disease reversal people. That's what I am talking about.

  17. What?! Why would they just assume swallowing Vit C orally would be the same as injecting it intravenously ? Are you sure those scientists were actually scientists?

  18. I wonder if they were using real whole vitamin C, or if they were using the crap vitamin C that is call ascorbic acid.
    Whole vitamin C the cells know what to do with and ascorbic acid does not help the cells as much.

  19. I am a 74 year old white male.  I take 30 GM of Vitamin-C per day, half in the morning and half at night.  I do volunteer work with nursing homes where many people are ill.  I never get sick, period.  As a youngster I was ill from many reasons and many allergies.  I have been on this Vitamin-C supplement for about 30+ years, and my doctor claims I have the body and blood work as a man 20+ years younger.  Don't believe the lies about vitamin-C.  It works.  Build up to a high dose, and take it every day, and you will no longer have food allergies or every get ill.      Dr Pauing was right.  Big Pharma wants us all to stay ill, and they do their best to give us poisons that do exactly that.  l

  20. Fucking criminals in action fucking fake studies rigged fucking fake fucking fake fucking fake vitamin c does in fact play a major role in reversing progress of cancer. That's a fact chemo plays a major role in causing the patient to be dead within 12 to 24 months. That is a fucking fact piss off you freak from YouTube you're a liar and your complicit you're just an ass wipe fuck and fuck you again

  21. 17 year oncologist nurse veteran. Look up her story you jack off she tells all I hope she has a fucking bodyguard

  22. Follow-up studies goddamn criminal act. That's what's going on here and these motherfuckers should be hanging in a fucking prisons so for what they did it's obvious they fucking biased the goddamn study they should be in Hell soon I hope

  23. When you understand that cancer is caused by a mineral deficiency, you can understand why vitamin C alone won't cure it. Vitamin C is what holds the cells together, but if there isn't sufficient mineral to build new healthy cells, then no amount of vitamin C will correct that problem. On the other hand, if the right minerals are being supplied, along with the right conditions, then vitamin C is crucial to building new tissue.
    Isolating one compound and expecting great results is where conventional medicine and conventional medicine researchers always fail, and then it gives the wrong impression that that compoud or element is useless, when in fact it is vital. But it is only part of a whole. Why is that so difficult to comprehend?

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