Visiting The Hospital: Expectations Vs. Reality

(playful music) (machines beeping) – Hi sir, can I help you? – Hi, I’ve been having some
really bad stomach pains, and I was wondering if there’s a doctor that can see me right now?
– Oh my god. I’m’ so sorry to hear that, of course. Just make a left, and
he’ll see you right away. (dopey music) (clearing throat) (clearing throat) – Hi, I’ve been having
really bad stomach pains. I was wondering if there’s a doctor that could see me right now. (forms slamming)
– Fill these forms out. We’ll get to you when we can.
(dopey music) (intense music) (sexy music) (woman moaning) – Don’t worry, I’ve got you. (intense music) (corny music) – Hello. (intense music) – Alright everyone, I’ve got a partial colectomy situation here, so let’s get him prepped,
and start the incision. But, this shirt looks
kinda nice, and expensive. Let’s get this off him
nicely and laundered, for when he gets outta here. (slow orchestral music) (cool jazz music) (swishing) (swooshing) – Just tell me, how bad is it? – I’m sorry to say, in
spite of your mild symptoms, (depressing violin playing) you only have a few hours to live. (cool jazz music)
– Just tell me, how bad is it? – It’s just a mild cold,
you’ll be fine in a few days. – Whew. (upbeat rock music)
– Hey you guys, okay. – Hey! (laughing) – Yay! (neighbor snoring loudly)
(dopey music) (upbeat alternative music)
– Clean bill of health. – Great! It looks like your insurance
covered everything, so all we need from you is a $10 co-pay. (swooshing) (upbeat alternative music)
– Clean bill of health. (music stops abruptly)
– Congratulations. That’ll be $40,000.
(angry dramatic horns) – Do you validate parking?
– Of course not. (upbeat rock music) (swishing)
(hinge squeaking)

100 thoughts on “Visiting The Hospital: Expectations Vs. Reality

  1. Watching this video from the hospital. Pretty ironic, I know. This one was kind of insensitive, buzzfeed. I'm really not impressed. Definite thumbs down.

  2. The one thing that is not alwaysvtrue is the food. In Ontario you have choices for food intolerances and a nutritionist that comes by with ipads to ask what your order will be for the next day/days/week. Foods like shebert, sweet and sour chicken, fresh roasted turkey and real mashed potatoes with real gravy etc.

  3. People who don't see a regular doctor for something they've had for a while and go to the hospital instead are the absolute worst for everyone who works there. Just consult your regular doctor, hospitals are for emergencies and really sick people.

  4. When I was hospitalized they found out I was anemic and the doctor I got was this really hot young doctor so idk what y'all are talking about

  5. That's cuz it's a hospital NOT a hotel. ur not here to "check in"; ur here to be "admitted". And be grateful. Hospital personnel bust their asses to make sure ur cared for.

  6. Literally the only time you're given jello is if you can't handle food. Your throat or something is to raw to have actual food. Or you're going in for a scope or something where you can only have clear liquids or jello. Otherwise you can have normal food.

  7. As someone who's in the hospital a lot the nurses are always really nice and the food is actually pretty damn good

  8. OMG was this filmed at the Silver Dream Factory in Anaheim, CA? The scene with the secretary at the desk looks just like it, I played a nurse in a movie there!

  9. To be fair, limbs are heavy and so are bodies so it's just a lot easier to cut clothes… also in an emergency I think the average person can spare a nice shirt

  10. I've never experienced the "reality" side and I live in Illinois. This is definitely way too exaggerated.

  11. More like, "We have no idea what's wrong with you, but here's some medicine to temporarily fix it and at some point you should go to a specialist. Your bill for this visit is $2,000."

  12. Okay but like once I was in the ER and I was sweaty and hadn't showered for a few days and I was vomiting. I looked like hell. AND MY NURSE AND DOCTOR WERE BOTH HOT AS HELL.

  13. i remembered mt sister getting an injection and i remembered the doctor is really beautiful. i was jealous but i was hiding it

  14. My dad stayed in a public hospital for like 2 days, not only the room he was in was clean AF but he got excellent food as well

  15. was the incoming doctor part supposed to be a stereotype towards older people. Are we assuming that older people treat sickness worse than the younger and more attractive ones?

  16. Well America if you get the socialised healthcare you've been begging for that we have here in Canada be prepared to wait a minimum of 8 hours in emergency.

  17. Med student here, you forgot that in hospital ward you usually hear lots of machine beeping, people conversing, nursing and doctor coming and going checking up on you (waking you up from sleep), the cleaner coming and mopping the floor, you're attached to IV fluids or oxygen, etc…

  18. What kind of person goes to hospital with a mild cold? People don't usually do that even in countries with universal healthcare, let alone in your weird hellhole where they charge you absurd amounts of money for even cheap procedures.

  19. What kind of person goes to hospital with a mild cold? People don't usually do that even in countries with universal healthcare, let alone in your weird hellhole where they charge you absurd amounts of money for even cheap procedures.

  20. I could care less what my doctors look like as long as they are fully capable and qualified to save my life. I've worked in a hospital and anyone who has these expectations watches too much TV

  21. Why would I want my doctor to be young? you can assume the older doctor is more experienced and has a better diagnostic ability since he's been a doctor for longer and hasn't has his medical licence taken away, anyways it takes like 10 years to become a doctor anyway.

  22. If you're sick enough, none of these things matter. You just want help and if you're able to complain about these "expectations" (especially in an ER or hospital admittance situation), then you're going to live.

  23. My mother spent a few weeks in hospital with a nasty eye infection, and her roommate was a guy who had got a plastic arrow in his eye (his eye had to be removed, my mother recovered pretty well). They got along great.

  24. Lol true, having just been in a hospital xD last week on wednsday being an actual patient sucks the doctors just yell at you. ;-;

  25. Debunking time!!
    Checking in: People are busy and cranky because they've been working all day, they aren't going to be all daisies and roses.
    Doctor: …
    Shirt: What the heck!! Are you saying a shirt matters more than your life?
    Food: No one has time to make you gourmet meals in a hospital lol.
    Bill: That scenario was obviously over exaggerated but treatments cost money and so does the food, room (where you're staying), and the doctor's time.

  26. I've never had hospital expectations but those were pretty close to my reality?¿ My roomie was great, the doctors were some of the most attractive people I have ever seen and I remember eating grilled cheese n pizza

  27. I think whoever made this forgot what "expectation" means. With the exception of the diagnosis, these are all dreams / fantasies ….

  28. The hospital where I live has a mix of expectations and the realities. For example, if you had surgery and needed to stay for a few weeks or months, they basically give you whatever is in the cafeteria for the day. Plus, they give you a menu option for what you want for breakfast, lunch and dinner (with sides and drinks, of course) until you can finally leave. The staff is at least friendly, the rooms sometimes have two beds, or just one with a couch that your visitors can incline in, and they have a T.V. And, if you feel cold, they have warm blankets that they have in a thing that I can't name because I don't know what it's called. Basically, the hospital is almost like heaven. (I don't know about the prices though. I have a blessing to be able to afford insurance, so…) It has a bit of a bad side, but most of my experiences were nice in there.

  29. This is the most insulting video to any medical professional ever. Buzzfeed cares about not hurting anyone's feelings unless its people who actually matter to this world. Like doctors and nurses who work their asses off in school to be ridiculed like this and not taken seriously. As a nursing student, this video makes me not want to work with idiot patients like this.

  30. My dad isn't the most atractive doctor ever, but he's the biggest cinnamon bun that I've ever met
    Love you papa! <3 <3

  31. Or in reality it's 10000 to begin with, then they refuse to give you the bill for like 8 years and it ends up being 87900 after interest that you couldn't pay

  32. Hospitals are for getting better. I want my doctor to be booksmart – we don’t care about looks when we are in a hospital at least for ME , I wanna know what’s WRONG with my body. I’m sorry but the producer of this Video needs to evalute this, they do conduct meetings right?

  33. I've had an autoimmune disease since i was four so i have spent many nights at the hospital. For a reason unknown I almost always end up with a hot young male doctor. The food isn't gourmet obviously, but still a full plate of food and nourishing (usually with a dessert!). I live in Finland.

  34. To be honest if they had to cut off my shirt to save my life, I wouldn’t really care.

    Even if it was an expensive shirt.

  35. Expectation- Hospitals care about you and will give you the best medical care they can to make you better.

    Reality – Hospitals only care about making money and want to give you as little care as possible so they can get you out of the hospital.

  36. When it comes to having a doctor it’s actually better to have an old/unattractive doctor vs a young/attractive doctor because the older they are, the more experience they have. Also personally I’d much prefer a female doctor over a male doctor.

  37. I didn’t check in, I came in by ambulance
    I didn’t see my doctor, I couldn’t move my neck
    I mean, ya
    Food was so good
    Lol I got hit my a car going 50km per hour and basically nothing happened
    I had my own room
    I live in Canada


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