Visiting Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa

Our first full day in South Africa started
with a long drive from Johannesburg towards Kruger National Park. Even though our safari
wouldn’t begin until the following day we enjoyed some great views of the countryside
and even visited a wildlife rehabilitation center. Okay, so we’ve been driving all morning. We’ve
actually been up since five AM and we are finally stopping for lunch. We’re taking a
little break. And yeah, we’re just going to enjoy a meal before we continue on towards
the park. Alright, so our meal has arrived. What are
we having? We’re having a Fred Flinstone portion of ribs. Take a look at this. This is enormous.
Ready to dig in! And we’re sharing this. There is no way I could eat this all by myself.
Especially after being in a bus all day. Alright, Fred Flinstone. And the only way
to eat these properly is with your hands. Those are pretty good ribs. Okay, so this afternoon we are visiting the
Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. We are going to be visiting some animals and
just learning about the rehabilitation effort that is going on here. And yeah, let’s go
have a look around. Some of the main reasons for rescues include
animals being affected by power-lines, snares and also poisoning. It was awesome to see all of the animals but
the honey badger truly stole the show.

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