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Virtual reality can change the whole healthcare
experience. This is Bertalan Mesko and you’re watching
the channel of the Medical Futurist. Virtual Reality or VR is a computer-simulated
environment in which we can have the feeling as being in a digital, virtual world. We can
have the experience of smell, sound, taste, even visuals but right now most devices are
focusing on sound and visuals. These might develop in the future. You might have heard
about the biggest examples in this area. Oculus Rift acquired by Facebook. Or Project
Morpheus developed by Sony for the PS4 as a headset. Or you might have heard about that
Google has invested into Magic Leap, a company producing a product with which you could superpose
3D virtual-digital objects onto real life visuals and images.
But let’s start with a simpler one, Google Cardboard. Google came up with the idea of
creating a very simple, not even device, but just a cardboard that you can use at home
and is really cheap. So they introduced the Google Cardboard project. You order this online,
you get a cardboard. It takes about 2 minutes to assemble this. Then there is a place for
your smartphone. Note that there are different sizes for different kinds of smartphones.
You open up your virtual reality application designed specifically the Google Cardboard.
You put your telephone into the pocket, close it up and then you can look into the lenses
and you get a feeling that you are in a virtual world.
There are not yet really good applications designed for Cardboard. Well, I can walk around
in a room as a different person, I can walk around in a Jurassic Park walking among dinosaurs.
I can use a roller coaster, there are about 15 or 20 applications, but the best ones are
just yet to come. Imagine that we could use virtual reality
for training surgeons. They could be inside the human body based on the patient’s radiology
images discovering all the options before opening up the patient during an operation.
We could use virtual reality for patients to experience the hospital feeling even before
going to the hospital. They could see how a procedure takes place, how much time it
takes, what’s going to happen to them by getting a treatment or procedure. By living through
the digital realm. Imagine that we could use that for psychology
treatments, for people with addictions to show them different kinds of worlds. One with
being addicted to something, and one with not being addicted any more showing them the
real differences in life and how it could change if they found a solution for that addiction.
Imagine that we could use it for stress relief letting people travel to countries around
the world and experiencing the real world through virtual reality. When for the first
time I showed my Google Cardboard to my 7 years old niece and she checked that out,
she asked me, why would people want real-life experience any more when they can have this.
So we will face really serious ethical questions in the coming years, but again virtual reality
with the devices coming to the market very soon has the potentials to change the whole
healthcare experience. If you use any of these devices or you have
experience with virtual reality, please do share what you think on the Youtube channel.
Thank you!

11 thoughts on “Virtual Reality Can Change The Hospital Experience – The Medical Futurist

  1. Great video. Our organization is already creating VR experiences for Pharma and Healthcare. See the following simulation of the bloodstream: Reach out to me if we can help your organization: 

  2. also they are great to treat patients with panic attacks and anxiety disorders, because they can come close to the object of their fears and interact with them without the actual risk they would experience in real life (like fear of heights, locations, people or dangerous animals)

    I've stopped driving shortly after receiving my driving license because it was so stressful for me, but then, after playing a racing simulator for the OR for just a few hours, I got used to driving faster and my grip on the steering wheel got more loose and natural

  3. I can't help but wonder as VR technology progresses would it start to become dangerous because people would just go in and not want to come out???

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    우리가 가상 외과의를 훈련 의사에게 사용할 수 있다고 상상해보십시오.
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    우리는 병원에 가기 전에 환자가 병원 느낌을 경험할 수있는 가상 현실을 사용할 수 있습니다.

  5. Hey, I have recently read an inspiring interview on this topic. You will find very interesting ideas from Rohith Bhat, the founder of Robosoft Technologies:

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