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As a mom, we just don’t have time Any little wrinkle in the day just kinda throws you off I’m a working mom, my husband works full time, we have two young kids And so we’re that couple that, life doesn’t stop, work doesn’t stop I woke up with kinda the 101, 102 fever You know the time that it takes you to corral sick kids get an appointment, drive to the appointment, park, go through the test wait for the test results, then go to the pharmacy you know it’s a few-hour ordeal I moved to Seattle two years ago I got a new puppy a new job I got engaged There was just a lot of new in my life and its all been really exciting And it definitely all keeps me really busy I can’t think of a part of my life where I don’t use an app or my phone or some piece of technology to help facilitate it So for me it feels very natural to use the Virtual Clinic Sometimes you just have a question that you need answered quickly or you need help making a decision about where you should go to seek care for something and the Virtual Clinic is a great place to get that on-demand advice from someone who really knows what they’re talking about I went to It took me 1, 2 minutes to register They called me back, the physician then said: “You know, to really see if it’s strep, I need to switch to FaceTime and video.” “Are you OK with that?” “I’m with UW Medicine Virtual Clinic. How are you feeling today?” And, within 10-15 minutes a prescription was off to the neighborhood pharmacy. Anyone that is in Washington state can sign up and use the clinic. Now that I’ve used it, I’d use it again. When my kid gets sick, my husband gets sick, or I’d get sick this would be our first stop.

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