Virginia’s Story – John Randolph Medical Center

(upbeat music) – My name is Virginia P.
Hanshew and I am a patient here. Have been for about three and half years. I have an ongoing issue, medical issue that needs to be taken care of and I know that when I come here I’m gonna be taken very good care of. About three and a half years ago, I was seeing a counselor
and she kept prompting me, you need to go to the doctor. Because I was so short of breath And I had not been for many years, because my husband had, had
colon cancer surgery twice. My brother was killed in a truck accident. Nine months later, I lost my mother. It just went on and on. One incident after another. And my husband had knee
replacement then he retired. And actually next week, he’s
having prostate cancer surgery. And so at the time, there
was a whole lot of things going on in my life. And I was not caring for myself. I was a good caretaker, That’s what I am. And so with her prompting, I
finally went to the doctor. They were shocked at my blood level. It was 7.0 at the time. I had no idea I had anything wrong. They rushed me to a Dr. Gandhi’s office. And from there, that’s where
my medical care started. I had to have a bone marrow biopsy to find out what was going on. And then that’s where I was
diagnosed with myelofibrosis, which is a rare, it’s a
rare disorder, a disease, where it attacks your bone marrow. And it keeps it from producing
and making enough blood. And so that’s why I need the
transfusions all the time. I was sent to John Randolph
because this is the hospital Dr. Gandhi used and it was close to home. I wanted to go some place close, so they were able to care for me here. And I am so thankful that I was, you know, that I did come here. It’s just a wonderful
close knit group of ladies that work together. That is an awesome unit there. And the care that I receive is just. It’s just, it’s hard to describe. You know, I can go into
detail about certain things that’s happened, but overall, I mean, it’s just a really wonderful
unit of girls, ladies working together. I think I have, like I said,
more of a family connection here than I do even
outside of this hospital. It’s just incredible. I do not dread coming
to have the treatments. I actually look forward
to seeing them again. I think it’s helped me in my outlook, you know, on this illness. I didn’t know what to
expect when, you know, I started this journey. And trust me, it’s, the
outlook that I have now is totally, you know, just different, then what it was when I started. And I really believe it is because of the care that I received here. (upbeat music)

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