Violet’s Journey – Part four: Violet returns home | Boston Children’s Hospital

It took a little while to
get her back to normal, back to her old self. But now she’s giggly and happy,
and it was really nice to see. It’s all about perspective. Because it gets hard. You just have to kind
of see the finish line. You have to keep an eye
on where you’re going and why you’re
doing this, and be helpless with the whole thing. But, you know, it’s worth it. This will make a huge, huge
impact with her quality of life and the way people perceive her. Dr. Meara is going
to keep tabs on us. We’re going to Skype
together and he’s going to keep in contact
with my primary physician. Later down the road, Dr. Meara
said before kindergarten, right about then, he
wants us to come back so he can just kind of
do some cosmetic touch ups, like the
bridge of her nose, because there’s no
cartilage on it. It’s all just soft tissue
they pulled together. But we can’t do that
until she stops growing. The same thing with her jaw
surgery for her bottom jaw, and then another surgery
for her upper jaw. But nothing’s set
in stone right now. It’s all going to depend on her
and how things heal and grow. It’s hard to describe
how grateful you are for everything, and how
thankful you become just to have the opportunity
to get her out here to a team of surgeons of
this caliber that could handle it. I can’t imagine having
this done anywhere else. We’ve been blessed
with the people that have rallied and fallen in love
with Violet as much as we have. The center of this is
to show other families that there is hope. As dark as it can look
sometimes, there’s always hope. You just have to
be able to find it. What I’m most looking
forward to for Violet is her getting to her
brothers and sisters, her getting to see her dad, and
just being back with everybody that she misses so much. My hope for her is that she
never loses that sparkle. That would be the one
thing I could ask, is that she never loses
the goodness to her, because there’s so
much of it there.

49 thoughts on “Violet’s Journey – Part four: Violet returns home | Boston Children’s Hospital

  1. 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 so sad

  2. Your child is beautiful in every way. She seems very intelligent, which is seen by how she plays with her toys. I loved seeing this outcome.

  3. My heart just melts looking at her, sweet smile and so cute. Hope it all works out as already it's on its way to a healthy good looking child.

  4. I just adore her smile! Such a happy little heart! She just shines! Thank you to the doctors and nurses doing everything in their power, to keep her shining and smiling! Bless you all. ✨🌺✨

  5. I love her sweet little laugh…..she is pulling at my heart strings……God bless your journey in and out of the hospital

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