Vigorous exercise is GOOD for you! Excerpt from The Clinic by Dr. H – Exercise

>>Dr. H: Exercise, in America, has been unbelievably
dumb down. We now call exercise 30 minutes of walking, three times a week. It’s really absurd. Last night, I was a giving lecture in Tampa. One of the donors to the hospital where I
was speaking at said, “Gosh. I’m glad we only had to stand up
for 45 minutes for the initial portion because I got to sit down. I’m tired.” That’s where we are as a country. Being proud if we can stand for more than
an hour. People now call “mall walking” exercise. I think that’s activity, and that’s fine
because the more people move, the happier I personally am. But, we’ve got to stop calling that exercise because in order to maintain your weight,
you have to do something called vigorous exercise. Doctors have an incredible prejudice against
vigorous exercise for a lot of different reasons. Number one, because doctors are bookworms. They’re very
smart, but they’re not athletes. They don’t tend to be people that are exercising, and
they just don’t favor that in their own lives. Number two is they were taught, as recently as the ’80s and the early ’90s,
that exercise could potentially be dangerous for you. We all know, if you work out really hard, you run a marathon, you could die of a heart attack. What they didn’t realize, as a profession, what doctors didn’t realize was that the harm, which is you could drop dead running a marathon, is vastly, vastly overwhelmed
by the benefit, the other 23 hours of the day, because you’re so protected the rest of
the day, based on the benefits of exercise. That’s number one. Number two is people are afraid of exercise. People think something horrible is going to
happen. People think their back is going to go out. People think their ankles are going to roll. You know what? That might happen, but I guarantee you they’re going to have
a lot more orthopedic problems if they do nothing. It’s all about the relative risks, and the
relative risks are way, way over in exercise’s favor. Last thing is people are scared to get tired. It’s really interesting, and one of the
things we teach at the Clinic by Dr. H is it’s okay to be tired. It’s okay. It’s okay to huff and puff. You’re not going to drop dead. but people have to be shown that. Sometimes, this is even true for former athletes
that have played competitive sports. If I can get one, little extra addendum in, it’s people also think it’s crazy to work out more than 30, or God forbid, 60
minutes a day. On the Biggest Loser, we had all of these pediatric experts come in and say, “Dr.
H, no, you can’t have kids work out for more than an hour, an hour-and-a-half a day.” I said, “Wait a minute. In every high school in
the country, competitive kids, freshman year on, are working out three or more hours. You’ve got dancers working out five to six hours
a day. You’ve got competitive gymnasts working
out far more than that.” And we evolved, by the way, from a species
that had to walk 30 or 40 kilometers, every day, in search of food. Stop saying you can’t exercise. Stop saying
exercise is bad for you. Stop saying, “I’m going to get hurt when
I exercise,” and stop saying, “I can’t.” Because you can and you need to. And that’s one of the key ingredients that
we’re going to teach here at the Clinic by Dr. H.

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