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  1. Ruts high energy and Shawn's No bullshit makes these videos truly awesome . Great chemistry if I might add… Thank you Shawn and Rut for your service and knowledge. Aways looking forward to next week Shawn . . Cheers !!

  2. I have heard people from back east refer to the places I like to go out west as only accessible by way of "DEATH HIGHWAYS", and I am way out 4 hours from any trauma centers shooting (always with someone who can at least call 911 and knows where we are), so this is super great content for anyone who lives out away from "the big shitty," I mean big city. Parts of my state are technically sovereign TRIBAL LANDS, and not actually the USA, so I am sitting on my butt staring through a piece of moving glass for hours on end, so a shoulder holster works for me, but I do usually (always) have a little Glock tucked somewhere, it's just really hard to access quickly through a seatbelt or a harness.

  3. Just found this channel and really have enjoyed watching several this evening. This is what our greatest Americans are all about. Notice the sentence around 2:08 and the cities mentioned are not just the largest, they also have the most restrictive gun control measures in place that cause the most trauma to civilians. Keep that in mind in the upcoming elections.

    God bless you men and thank you so much for what you do and have done with your lives. America's Finest role models.

  4. Ok, when they talked about readjusting the TQs after the initial application, I’m convinced these guys really know what they are talking about. These videos are worth watching. Subscribed.

  5. I do not have the experience in the military to say for sure, but dealing with wounded people seems more stressful than the actual firefight.

  6. bout time I discovered something entertaining on u tube..And fellow sailors to boot…Im all in!

  7. My c.a.t.s. came with a TCCC card i.c.e. do you suggest filling that out off X. I carry my tourniquet every time I carry concealed just makes sense to me I figure if I have to pull I'm not the only one who is packing. The medical side of combat is really intriguing to me because can't win if I'm dead. Love to see more in-depth videos on this subject and maybe what as a civvy I can do gear, practice to prepare myself for or my family.

  8. Whoever dislikes this stuff is an emotionally un-squared away endividual that needs to see the HM'S🤦‍♂️😂🤣

  9. Did some live tissue training back in 07' for pre deployment at Lejeune. Bunch of former SF guys running the course. A lot of Marines could have benefited, but PETA found out about it and it got shut down. Damn idiots mess everything up.

  10. I really enjoyed Ruts knowledge on this subject, one can really appreciate his experience and dope that he carries in that dome.

  11. Man would love for you to come talk to these young basketball hoopers to put things in perspective ‼️

  12. Thats one thing about the old war movies i always thought was dumb, whenever one of the soldiers would get hit thered always be that guy who would run out in the open to save his buddy and end up getting shot himself. Glad to hear the military frowns on that behavior these days

  13. Military trauma Nurse here, part of a forward deployed Surgical team.

    Off to do my TCCC course in a few weeks haha.

  14. For anyone looking to see TCCC procedures in action, I would recommend "Inside combat rescue". You'll be able to see in action (Blood sweeps, IV/IM/Bone injections, tension pneumothorax/hemothorax, tourniquet installations, cricothyrotomy and many more things. Super interesting. Won't be as intense as what these guys go through since the PJ's don't go through initial contact.

  15. Man y'all are good men. I've never served in the military but have major respect for every man and woman serving in any branch. I respect what you are doing. Keep it up

  16. Battlefield advanced trauma, thats a tough one but worth it, saved many lives has that course. we were also taught not to be the next casualty.

  17. Wow, I cannot believe this guy sat through that. I could not….lets rid religions, that kill. And lets, end bankers wars. We are, not this species, anymore. You guys are amazing.

  18. I was one of the first instructors at Camp Lejeune. (I think we called it basic originally. 95 maybe, the Army created the first train the soldier programs.) I wish i could see your kit. Mine is much bigger but it is not tactical it is for if a riot occurs. Of course you have a gas mask which was not shown. I also keep some Harley motorcycle glasses for eye protection but they will only last doe a few minutes because the plastic foam will absorb the tear gas. I also keep plenty of ophthalmic saline. But it is hard to get now because they require a prescription. I keep two tourniquets but have 5 bandannas I can use for covering the eyes and can be turned into tourniquets. So I require more bulk. I also keep a lot of ace wraps for my bulky dressing. I am just mentioning this because i focus on riot control. I could only assist one person with a gunshot wound. I am more worried about glass and gas. I like the ace bandages for blunt damage too. I am sure your kit is good, better than mine for combat. I watched Antifa so made my kit accordingly. I protect myself with a gas mask so i can get other out of the tear gas and give them some shielding for a few minutes. I protect the eyes and keep plenty of those bulky eye dressings for penetrating would to the eye. I am sure you carry hemostats. Good job! Blunt trauma and eye injuries are the main threat by Antifa so far. I went the C4 route so have different training. Thanks for the video. The only experience i have with SEALs is one who one of their wives, an LT, got drunk and forgot her good sense, I got out of there fast. I did not need a SEAL on my ass. I used to hang some at Dam Neck, i think SEALs went there sometimes. I ran into a Master Chief Diver in GTMO. But I was Nurse Corps so had no need to be around ya'll. God Bles you.

  19. Who The FUCK are the Blowjobs Leaving THUMBs Down ? You should be the one shot in the chest with no1 able to help ….


  21. RVN Corpsman, 66,67,68.
    Best point you made is. You fucks keep firing ! I'll take care of this shit ! ( Best I could )
    TCCC sure has changed . Equipment is excellent, training includes chest support.
    Occlusive dressings and quick clot products are great.
    Best single improvement overall is frikken Gatorade!!! Lost too many Marines to heat exhaustion/ heat stroke.

  22. Shawn, Can you please give an update on Atlas reed? My two daughters and I have prayed for him and and his parents every night since you posted a video for him. we would greatly appreciate an update if there is one

  23. I know Rut knows his shit. He knows a million times more than I'll ever know about badassery with weapons. But holy shit that gun pointed at his nuts scares me.

  24. you hear about the Delta medic removed his appendix? He set himself up, gave himself a local. He got it all done till he started to close up. he got the shakes. when he got to the hospital all they had to do was close up. The whole reason he did it, the challenge, he considered, if i can do this I can do it in a hot zone.

  25. I wish i could have put a tourniquet around the lieutenant's neck that almost got me killed. That's what I call first aid.

  26. David`s energy and optimism is inspiring. Especially when you consider the fact that this guy has probably seen and experienced more than enough traumatic crap to give most people PTSD for life.

  27. This all is nice to hear. But lets not forget, that in most of human history at leas half the casualties have been due to bad weather, bad logistics and bad sanitation. Diseases and weather used to kill insane number of people too. And also lets not forget that in general, combat is no as intense as it often used to be. Also, if you are wounded in Gallipoli, Stalingrad or Okinawa, you are NOT gonna get medivaced or even properly treated due to lack of medical supplies alone 😛 Just saying it. Its a good vide though.

  28. Dave has a great outlook on life, he's been there and done it, the best medicine is a sense of humor great video guys

  29. RUT that was some awesome stuff, Shawn thanks for the Q&A. I served with 3 guys @ Ft. Bragg that went SF, Beam 18D, Smario and Waldren.

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