Video Tour of Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children

The first time I
walked in here, I was really amazed, which is
not what you really expect, when you’re walk
into a hospital. It was kind of like a tube
that a spaceship would be in. All you see is like the
tiny windows on the top where you can see
just the whole sky. It exemplifies the hope that we
want to bring to every family. We know that when you
enter into those gates, there is an incredible beauty. But what’s even
more important is that you feel a palpable
difference of the care team and what they have to offer. Many of our physicians are
nationally and internationally known for their
specialty and the quality of the care they provide. We are so proud to be a magnet
recognized hospital, which means that we have
truly achieved an excellence in nursing and
in our interdisciplinary care. The people are the
ones who have embraced the idea that your child
is our first priority. Families and parents
are encouraged to be an integral
part of the care team. Everybody here always wants to
know what we, as parents, think is best for our son. They really listen to our
needs and our opinions. And I think that’s really
important when we’re caring for our children here. Patients and families helped
to design this hospital. They were involved
in every decision. We brought in clinicians,
families, even our kids, so that we could
get their input. The families and
the children were invited to hand-pick all
the details, the lighting, the flooring, the artwork,
even the Discovery Zone. I’m really proud of what
we’ve done, because it’ll help all the kids. It’s kind of like Nemours
Alfred Dupont designed by me, which is pretty cool. We built the atrium,
not only as a place to receive patients
and families, we also built this atrium
as a gathering place. We’ll have movie nights. And we’ll have other events. On every floor, there
are huge glass walls that look out to the
atrium that provides an opportunity for
the patients to stay engaged in the events that
happen on the ground floor. The Discovery Zone helps
kids in the hospital come down and get a creative,
interactive experience that brings the hospital to life. The Discovery Zone presented
a really, unique opportunity for our therapists to
get involved and actually work with the creators so
that children of all abilities would have the chance to
participate and interact with the wall. What’s so important about
providing the light, the art, the fun, that the
children can have is that we know that part of
healing is not only physical, but it’s also emotional. It’s spiritual. And it really captures all
of that for our children. In this part of the hospital,
we have over 140 beds. And each eight bed pod
feels like a neighborhood. So it’s accessible to everyone. You have your
medical team there. You have your nursing team. And they live really at the
center of the neighborhood. And patient rooms
in this hospital are very comfortable,
almost like a hotel room is the best way I can describe it. It becomes like a second home. We have a caregiver zone. We have a zone for
the patient, the kids. And then we have a
zone for the family. There is an area where
the family can sleep. They can watch television. But they can be
close to their child. Staying in the hospital can
be very stressful on families. And so it’s wonderful that
they incorporated lots of different spaces outside
of the private room. There’s a solarium where you
can look out to see the grounds and the mansion and gardens. There’s a playroom where you
can gather with your child. We also built and designed
a beautiful healing garden, that is right outside
of one of our units. So there are lots
of opportunities for parents or caregivers to
have that peace that they need. When you live in a
hospital with a sick child, it’s very disruptive
and it’s very stressful. And Nemours has done a great
job in anticipating our needs as family members. Many families may
have an extended stay. And so it’s wonderful
that we actually have a Ronald MacDonald House
right across the street. I know for many families,
that’s a true godsend. And those little things make
a big difference when you’re trying to stay clear headed.
enough to help your child, be present for your
child, and work together with your child’s care
team to do everything possible to get them better. We are the only level one
pediatric trauma emergency department in the
state of Delaware. We not only see patients
who come directly to the hospital for
their care, but we also receive a lot of transports
from around the state and from the tri-state area. We have a helipad on the
roof of this building. And we have an elevator that
will bring patients directly down to the
emergency department. The cardiac center has
set up the cardiac suite in a very cohesive and
well-integrated way. The operating room
is right across from the cardiac
catheterization suite, which is right next door
to the intensive care unit. So that your patient can easily
receive anything they need. Our neonatal intensive care
unit is a level three nursery and it really
supports babies who need to come to a tertiary
children’s hospital from this region. The pediatric
intensive care unit has the ability to take care
of the sickest patients using the highest technology, and
yet it’s very thoughtful because each room has
a place for a parent to be with the
child continuously. And we respect that parents want
to be with their child 24 hours a day. Our therapy space includes
an outpatient gym, our sports medicine gym. We have a very
large 23 meter pool. And we also have an inpatient
and rehabilitation gym. We use the playground
with our children. We use it as a
training activity. And we use it as a
motivator for the kids too. We have our child activity
center, which is a safe zone. Nothing medical can
happen in that room. And our impatient
child life specialists get to know the children
and their families and meet their needs. We want your
children to do well. We want them to not be afraid. We want them to be happy here. We want them to eat well
and get better and go home. I’d like families to know
that we did this for you and we did this with you. Nemours is a leader in
family centered care. Every detail of the
hospital has been touched by a family’s
opinion, by a child’s vision, and you can feel it
as you walk around. Future generations will be able
to enjoy all the cool features this hospital has to offer. We want to provide
each family value that is exceptional,
providing everything they need in a great hospital.

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  2. I've been working on my architectural thesis and this hospital inspires me a lot. Thank you and more power for the hospital's special services.

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