Victim flown to hospital after crash involving vehicle, lawnmower

Boston… where he is in condition. The crash happened just outside
the entrance to the Ironwood on
the Green condominiums off
Village Road in Middleton… The car on its side.. a
lawnmower in pieces. Neighbors rushed outside when
they heard the crash… and say the Captain
Pizza delivery car… lost control… hit a fire hydrant… before slamming into a
landscaper on a riding
lawnmower. First responders… took the 20 year old
landscaper… by ambulance to
Beverly before he was airlifted
to Beth Israel. The pizza deliver driver was
also injured. But before he was
taken to the hospital… he told people at the scene that
he lost control… reaching for his phone. The Property manager says he
showed video from their
security camera… to police. And he
believes it will be very helpful
to their
investigation. I spoke with the owner of
Pizza… who was visibly upset by the
news. She was not yet ready to
comment. Live in Middleton.. SC

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