Vicki Shah, PA-C – Rush University Medical Center

I see patients with different types of liver
diseases. This can include viral hepatitis, autoimmune
hepatitis, cirrhosis, even liver cancer. I’m usually part of a team with physicians
and nurses, and I’m there to help ease access and allow patients to be seen quicker. I’m able to order labs, order imaging, prescribe
medication, and make sure that you do well with your overall health — especially your
liver disease. I’ve been able to cure about a thousand
patients with hepatitis C. I started when it was very difficult with injections and
significant side effects. We have much better treatments. But being able to tell a patient that they’re
cured, and it’s something that they can completely forget about and move on with their
lives, is just amazing. I really enjoy getting to know my patients,
being one with the patient, and making sure that they’re comfortable in their treatment

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