Vibra Healthcare’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs

Hi, I’m Dr. Kenneth Mook. I’m the Medical
Director here at Vibra Healthcare, Gateway Rehab in Florence. We’re an acute rehab facility. The difference between an acute rehab facility
and a skilled nursing facility is that we’re all CARF accredited, all the Vibra hospitals
for acute rehab are Certified Acute Rehab Facilities. The goals of inpatient rehab are to get the
patients back to a functional level where they can return to home. The therapies that we typically do are four
different things. One is physical therapy. The other groups are occupational therapy,
speech therapy. In addition to going through your regular therapies, you also
have respiratory therapy working with you. And then we have psychologists as well that
work with depression, anxiety. We have 24-hour nursing that is specifically
related to inpatient rehab. We also have therapists here who are specifically
trained and want to do, inpatient rehabilitation rather than outpatient therapies. It takes a special kind of heart from the
therapist to have that gift to work with patients who are at their lowest functionally and try
to get them back to a level where they can go home. We have the technology in our buildings to
do all these therapies. We have multiple pieces of equipment that
are specified for different diagnoses. Sometimes skilled [nursing] doesn’t have that
technology that we have. The difference, also, between acute rehab
and skilled nursing facilities is the timing of how much therapy you get. In the inpatient rehab, you do three hours
a day, or 15 hours per week. At the skilled unit, you might get 1-2 hours
per day and sometimes they only do therapies Monday through Friday. We do therapies every day of the week. We look at the whole picture of the patient. We’re not just looking at heart, lungs, bowel, bladder. We’re taking everything into account as to what
this patient needs in order to get home. So by having that, it’s a little different
than the acute hospital where you might have certain specialists who are only looking at
one organ system, but from physical medicine at the rehab standpoint, we look at the whole
body. We provide quality care to get you back to
home, from a mobility standpoint, medically stable, and we also are teaching you what
you need to do on a daily basis to prevent yourself from going back into the acute care
hospital. So that education part is a big portion of inpatient

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