Veterinary Nursing Degree at Hartpury

The role of a veterinary nurse is to provide
nursing care and nursing support to animals in the veterinary practice. It is tough, it
is a lot of hard work but the rewards that you get are ten times worth it. I think you should study at Hartpury because,
or anyone would study at Hartpury because, of the facilities that we have here, the support
that we get from the staff and the clinical tutors is just outstanding, really. We’ve
got all the facilities on site. So we have, obviously we have the veterinary nursing clinical
centre here, which is an old veterinary practice so it has all the things and all the machines
and everything here still so we can use them and practice with them. The best thing about the
course so far has definitely been the placement. It’s given me so much, I’ve learnt so much
in the last fourteen months or 60 week placement, it’s been fantastic. Just the hands-on experience
really does gear you up towards employment, job opportunities in the future, make it so
much easier when you’ve got that basis to work from which you know what you’re going
to go into. I’m on a three week rolling rota so one week
I’ll be on the boards, looking after the in-patients, I’ll be working in the theatre, which is the
referrals operations, and then first opinion operations. So day-to-day, just generally
doing a bit of cleaning, and really caring for the animals and watching operations and
learning things I have to do for them. It’s been quite an eye-opener going into placement
straight away, like full-time employment but I’m really enjoying it. Even on placement
here, I mean it would come across as all practical but it’s not. I have one-to-ones with my tutor
and we sit down and we open up skills and talk things through before we do them. Studying
for the degree here is the best place you can study for it but in terms of actually
do the job, the placement is essential because that is how things are done on the job and
that’s where you’ll learn it best. I’d say if you are looking at vet nursing as something
that you definitely want to do, make sure that it is something that you want to do by
getting some work experience beforehand, doing a lot of research into it, maybe seeing what
is involved as part of the job. It’s a big commitment to take and it’s not something
that should be taken lightly. I’d say that the vet nursing profession is, you know, it’s
something on it’s own. This isn’t the course to do if you want to do something else. If
you want to do vet nursing then this is the course. Hartpury was the only place that I
actually applied for. If I wasn’t going to get into Hartpury, I was going to take a year
off and apply again cause I really did want to go there. It’s got a really good reputation,
I know people who have been there. The facilities are amazing, like the farm and everything.
There’s a national shortage of vet nurses in the UK so obviously someone that’s done
a four-year degree course and has had a lot of practical experience by doing the placement
and also the practical experience you’ll get from being here at the university, using
all the facilities is going to stand a fantastic chance of getting a job.

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