Veronica’s Shocking Hospital Visit | Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots | OWN

your ass out of here. What? You heard me. Girl, please. I’m not playing with you. [SIGHS] Oh, I know
you’re not playing with me. The only thing you want
to play with are penises. [MUSIC PLAYING] Mom? What? Hey, I– I said move. Stop manhandling me! Girl handling me. Get your ass out of here. I am here to see my husband. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right. I’m calling security. And tell them what? You’re not supposed
to be in here. – [LAUGHS]
– Right? I’m not supposed
to be in here? No.
You’re not. This is my
husband of 25 years. I want to see how he’s doing. I am supposed to be in here. Mom, get your ass out of here. – David?
– Hey. David. Hey, if you go
near him, I’ll– – What you going to do?
– Mom. What you going to do? Are you going to stab me again? [LAUGHS] You do that
and you will end up laid up in here, too. Please leave. [MUSIC PLAYING] You ruined my life. I did not ruin your life. You both did. I’m asking you nicely,
will you please leave? He walked out
on me for a whore. [LAUGHS] Whore. And she’s dead. Burned. And I am praying that
she’s burning in hell. [SNIFFS] [MUSIC PLAYING] And you. You’re such a
disappointment, Jeffrey. I’ve asked you
several times to leave. I’m not going anywhere. David? Mom. David? Mom, don’t touch him. [MUSIC PLAYING] [THUD]
Hey! – You son of a bitch!
– Stop! Wake up and look at me! Look at me!
– Mom, I said, don’t touch him. – Wake up, you son of a bitch.
– Stop it! – Wake up and look at me!
– Stop! – Wake up!
– Mom! Wait, stop!
– Wake up! Wake up! [INAUDIBLE] you ruined my life!
– You ruined– [ZAP]
Ah! Oh!

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