VCU Health Sarcoidosis Clinic

Sarcoidosis is a disease where the immune
system takes a wrong turn. It affects the lungs more often than any other
organ and can lead to any variety of symptoms, from being discovered incidentally on a chest x-ray,
to causing significant inflammation, scarring and pretty significant debilitating symptoms. Normally, the symptoms that patients present
from sarcoidosis is shortness of breath, a cough, or sometimes they have skin rashes
that don’t seem to heal or palpitations. We get a lot of referrals for abnormal imaging
or reading problems and initially we end up seeing a lot of these patients for symptoms
that might not seem connected to sarcoidosis but we are going to put a workup on to assess
sarcoidosis diagnosis and that multidisciplinary clinic plays a big part in evaluating other
organ systems. One thing that is quite difficult for patients
is they have many different kinds of symptoms and so they often have delayed diagnosis and
it is difficult to manage, especially for one doctor, so we can work together to really
treat a whole lot of different symptoms in different organ systems to help the patients
with a systemic approach. One of the best things about our sarcoidosis
clinic at VCU Health is that a patient can get to see a lot of specialists. Like we’ve all talked about, here there
are many specialists because it can affect so many organ systems. The patient gets to understand their case
a little more. They kind of understand the neuonces of what
we typically consider and I think they are really on the same page as their physicians
with what the next step in their treatment is going to be. It’s nice to have it all under one house
instead of going between different hospitals, it’s all in one program so that the results
are easy to share. My experience here at the VCU sarcoidosis
clinic has been a very positive one. The doctors have been very supportive and
very helpful. It is a very hands on concern for the patient
that I found very reassuring.

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