Vascular Neurologist Nicole Chiota-McCollum, MD

My name is Nicole Chiota-McCollum, I’m one
of the vascular neurologists in the UVA comprehensive stroke center. As a vascular neurologist, I take care of
stroke patients and that includes patients who have had what we call an ischemic stroke
where there’s been an interruption of blood flow to the brain, but also take care of patients
who have had hemorrhage in the brain as well. So the most exciting part of my job is actually
being able to evaluate patients right as they come in with stroke-like symptoms for the
acute stroke interventions that we can offer. I really enjoy working with my colleagues
on the stroke team to make sure that all of us are focused on that patients care in the
center to make sure that we are delivering the safest, highest quality care for that
patient throughout their continuum disease from the emergent care right when they come
in, all the way through rehab and getting back into their community.

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