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Welcome to the Scripps Proton
Therapy Center in San Diego, California, the nation’s first proton therapy center to treat cancer patients exclusively
with pencil beam scanning, a benefit of Varian’s ProBeam
Proton Therapy System. Varian has invested more than a decade
of research and development into pencil beam scanning, the newest technology to treat cancer
with intensity-modulated proton therapy. This center is one of only three multi-room
proton therapy sites in the world, where all patient treatments are
performed with pencil beam scanning. Since opening in February 2014,
the Scripps Proton Therapy Center has treated a wide variety of cancers, including many complex tumor cases with Varian Medical System’s state-of-the-art
ProBeam Proton Therapy System. At the center, pencil beam scanning technology
is integrated with high-quality on board imaging, the Eclipse Treatment Planning System
and the Aria Oncology Information System. to enable the efficient treatment
of even the most complex clinical cases. This breakthrough system integrates
the radiation therapy technological standards
with the power of protons. The technology is supported with Varian’s
robust training programs and exceptional support. In addition to the state-of-the-art
ProBeam Proton Therapy System, the design of the Scripps Proton Therapy Center
keeps both form and function in mind and the result is a
beautiful center of healing. Patients feel at ease from
the moment they walk in the door. And just off the lobby, the center
also boasts a diagnostics suite that includes MRI, CT and PET CT
with imaging capabilities. At this center, young patients
have a dedicated space through a partnership with
Rady Childen’s Hospital San Diego. Since the proton beam is designed to
minimize damage to surrounding tissue, physicians have found that the
ProBeam Proton Therapy System is particularly well-suited
for pediatric patients. Proton therapy is at the
forefront of cancer care. It uses positively charged nuclear particles
to deliver precise treatment in specific doses. The ProBeam Proton Therapy System
enables clinicians to precisely target tumors and reduce radiation dose
to healthy tissues and organs. At the Scripps Proton Therapy Center,
there are five treatment rooms. Each treatment room has
it’s own dedicated control room. Leaded doors are not required due to the use of
shielding walls and a maze hallway design. Three treatment rooms have gantries
for treating more complex tumors. and two rooms have fixed beams
for simpler treatment plans. The layout of each treatment room is designed
with safety and efficiency in mind. The ProBeam Proton Therapy System
is a complete, end-to-end solution that synchronizes all
proton therapy activities. It is seamlessly integrated with the
Aria Oncology Information System as well as Eclipse Treatment Planning for efficient workflow in one database. The treatment room is designed
for therapists, by therapists to ensure smooth workflow. Large monitors are visible from
anywhere in the room to streamline patient positioning and two hand pendants are conveniently
located and have an intuitive design. Designed for radiation
therapy professionals, Varian’s Dynamic Peak Imaging System
ensures accurate patient positioning. The imaging system consists of two
orthogonal X-ray imaging sources paired with Varian flat panels mounted
at each side of the nozzle. The X-ray imaging is performed
at the gantry isocenter. A full, 360 degree cone beam CT
is an option for gantry rooms in both single room
and multi-room designs. The intuitive, dynamic-peak workflow interface
was also designed to be easy to use. It enables clinicians to perform difficult tasks
simply, efficiently, precisely and safely. Once the patient’s position has been confirmed,
the therapist calls for the beam and initiates treatment. The dynamic peak pencil beam
scanning technique precisely controls the energy and
direction of the proton beam to deliver the designated dose
distribution to the tumor target volume, maximizing the radiation dose to the tumor,
while providing a low dose to healthy tissues. This advanced treatment delivery system
is designed for optimal dose conformity. It can deliver two gray per liter per minute
for faster treatment across the full energy range. Even at tumor depths four to seven centimeters,
without the need for a range shifter. The scanning system also eliminates
the need for patient-specific devices like collimators, apertures and compensators,
further streamlining workflow. Pencil beam scanning allows the proton beam
to paint the tumor in three dimensions. Our unique, continuous beam moves fast and with a layer switching time
of less than 900 milliseconds, meaning it is possible to treat a large tumor
with many layers in less than one minute. Real time dose measurement and
real time beam position verification ensure accuracy and safety. The treatment control system
is completely automated to allow the beam to be switched
from one treatment room to another based upon the treatment schedule
to allow the therapist to be as efficient as possible. Now that you’ve seen this exceptionally fine-tuned
and innovative cancer treatment, you are invited to peak behind the scenes
to see the world-class technology that drives the Varian ProBeam System. The superconducting cyclotron is at the heart
of the Varian Proton Therapy System. It uses powerful magnets and
electrical fields of alternating polarity to accelerate a beam of protons. The Varian Proton Accelerator
is an isochronous cyclotron with superconducting coils and the first of its kind
designed specifically for the clinical application
of pencil beam scanning. It speeds the protons up to
two thirds of the speed of light. The cyclotron magnet design was
one of the key innovations developed in collaboration with the National
Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory and is at the heart of what makes the
Varian ProBeam System unique. This innovative cyclotron produces a
continuous and stable proton beam. The energy selection system adjusts the proton’s
beam energy to the specific dose and depth prescribed in the treatment plan. The proton beam travels from the cyclotron
down the beam transport system The beam transport system consists of
a series of focusing and bending magnets as well as diagnostic measurement tools, used to transport the proton beam
from the cyclotron to one of the rotational gantry or
horizontal fixed-beam treatment rooms. The gantry contains the last part
of the beam line and enables rotation. The scanning nozzle rotates around the patient
and around the mechanical isocenter. It is particularly fast and can rotate at
one revolution per minute. This allows the quick delivery
of the proton beam at any angle, in order to provide flexible and maximum
access to the tumor volume with high accuracy. The gantry, treatment table and 360 degree
cone-beam CT isocenter form an integrated system. enabling precise positioning
of the patient for optimal workflow. Investing in the ProBeam Proton Therapy System
may propel a clinic to the forefront of cancer care and enable it to expand through
innovation today and into the future. Clinics not only receive
cutting-edge technology and support from a fully-committed service team
specialized in proton therapy, but also a fully-integrated system
and a network of colleagues. The Varian ProBeam Proton Therapy System
can be configured exactly according to your specific clinical needs
and business requirements, from a compact, single room solution
or a facility with multiple treatment rooms. Varian Medical Systems is fully dedicated
to the success of proton therapy and provides individual programs to help ensure
that every Varian ProBeam Proton Therapy System supports our customers
specific oncology service strategies. Equipment reliability and clinical uptime
are optimized through a dedicated service team. allowing you to focus
on what you do best. With a leading position in developing
advanced clinical oncology technologies, Varian Medical Systems
installs and maintains forward compatible proton therapy
treatment centers and clinics around the world.

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