Vanessa Mizak, FNP-C, Pulmonary Medicine – The Corvallis Clinic

I like the interaction of sitting down with my patients and getting to know them, but also helping them when they’re in need as well, and have that relationship where you know you can sit down and banter back and forth, but at the end of the day you’re still trying to help them. Patients that will be coming to me are those who will have a pulmonary disease or illness of some sort of either chronic progressive disease or one that needs special follow-up in the pulmonary area. While they’re there usually for symptoms medically, I also want to take into consideration that this effects their whole life and all aspects of their life. I really want to take into account when I’m treating the patient that I am treating not only their physical issue or their medical issue but also the emotional and social component to it, because they’re a human being and I want to treat the human being. I don’t want to just treat the disease. I hope that at the end of the day they feel that they’ve been heard and that they feel that they can come to me and really be honest and open with me about their concerns. When I really sit down and they say, “I feel, like you really listen to me.” That’s really rewarding. Sometimes just listening to a patient is all they need, it’s not necessarily a prescription or a new treatment. It’s just being heard. I am married and me and my husband have three daughters, ages six, three, and one. So we’re very busy, without hobbies, but for hobbies we love to be outdoors. So we love hiking, we love traveling to new places. We love experiencing new restaurants and just the outdoors in particular. My daughters love to swim so we love to take him swimming and just trying new experiences with them. We do love to travel, but with three small kids that can be hard, so we do a lot of just weekend trips that are just two or three hours away that we can take our kids on. Personally, I like to run, I love to read and learn new things. So I’m an avid reader, it may look like I’m on my phone, but I am a possibly reading a book, so the best thing about working at The Corvallis Clinic is the people that I work with, starting from the medical assistants, all the way up to the physicians that I work with it’s very team atmosphere and approach to patient care and I feel like I can go to the physicians that I work with with any type of question. It’s a big team approach to providing excellent patient care.

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