Vaccines and Kids: Info from Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Claire Haga

talk recently about vaccines especially with parents and they’re really concerned on what to do with their kids I’d like to welcome dr. Claire Haga with the Mayo Clinic to really break this down and educate us to help us out because there’s a lot of moving pieces to this especially about a week ago there was a measles outbreak right here in the state of Florida so welcome to the show and let’s start out by just really breaking down what exactly is a vaccine that’s a great question and so a vaccine basically it’s a solution that’s developed that contains very small amounts of a virus or a bacteria that we’re able to give as a shot but the idea is that it gives your immune system a glimpse at what this disease is so it develops an immune response and basically a memory of what that is so if you encounter this later on down the road your body is equipped to be able to fight this infection before you get sick all right now when it comes to misconceptions because there’s a lot of them out there what’s probably the most common misconception that you see in practice right now oh I think one of the most common questions that I get asked is if my child or if I’m sick if I have a cold especially because we start talking about a lot of these vaccines during the start of school when germs are back is am I still able to get a vaccine and generally what I say if it’s a common cold if you have congestion then absolutely perfectly safe to get a vaccine but if it’s something more serious illness if you have a fever then I would wait and tell you for covered from that and come back now what about I feel like all parents they have this day they go and they take their baby or their toddler to the doctor and there is a series of vaccines do you recommend spacing them out do you just give them all at once does it make a difference are we being overly paranoid what do you suggest in that I wouldn’t say overly paranoid I think as a parent you want to protect your child so you’re doing everything we’re suggesting a number of shots and pokes to your child so it’s it’s absolutely I agree with you and I agree with parents in terms of the immunization schedule absolutely the first couple years of life every few months you’re going back to your doctor there is a standard protocol for vaccines and that is often what we recommend as provider unfortunately they’ve actually been able to combine some vaccines so you’re not getting as many pokes at one time but absolutely it is the parents choice so if you do prefer to separate the vaccines were able to do that for you when you talk about parents choice there are a lot of parents out there that are choosing not to vaccinate their children with certain things what do you say to that like what do you recommend in that case certainly that I mean that absolutely is a question that we could ask all the time and I think it’s really understanding and providing them education of why we vaccine what vaccines do how they protect not only you or your child but also the community and I think that’s a big reason and so often you know we can guide them provide them resources the CDC is another great resource for parents to look at as well and then we start out just talking briefly about about a week ago there’s a measles outbreak right here in Florida and everybody got really scared so what do you do with that so like let’s say you’re a family at home what should you do should you be calling the physician make sure you’re vaccinated certainly I’m so your pediatrician should have the vaccine records in terms of the immunization so you usually get the first one around your first birthday and then there’s a second a booster shot that usually is when kids into her school so that’s around four to six whether it’s preschool or pre-k or kindergarten that would be that second dose so by the time that you’ve received the second dose you’re close to about ninety seven percent protected against the measles the biggest concern and why it’s been such a hot topic is because of how contagious measles ORS so you know generally speaking if you or someone had measles if they were in a room with ten other people nine out of ten of those if they were not protected would be infected and so it can spread rapidly amongst different people the reason that we don’t see it as much in the u.s. fortunately is because the vaccine has been so effective and then last but not least the flu it’s super common everybody talks about the flu vaccine but then everybody breaks down well if it’s not that exact strain of the flu it doesn’t make sense they got is that true or right so the flu vaccine there’s a lot of research that goes into it every year and the CDC they pick about three or four depending on the vaccine strains that they suspect are going to be the most likely strains to affect people it’s not a perfect perfect world but generally forty to sixty percent of the time they get it right so it does offer protection and certainly the flu although it can be a mild illness for most of our adults it can be very severe in young children and also our aging population I mean you do get the flu shot can it help just to I guess weaken the flu if you were to get it or does it not work that way or does it right so it can decrease the severity of the flu or the likelihood that you would get it so it makes sense to get it absolutely makes it and you kind of answered this before but even if you have a little cold the sniffles or things like that you’re still fine to get it yes right yes and then people always say this about two or three days later they start getting sick does that mean they just got the flu from the shot or doesn’t work question and so you’re not able to get the flu from the flu shot but like we were talking earlier so the vaccine stimulates your immune system so that’s going to give a immune response with that you can have body aches you can have chills or low-grade temperatures which to some people don’t feel like the flu but it’s not the flu so you’re not at risk of being contagious alright well dr. Haga thank you so much for all the information go to our website we receive live TV comm we also have some links here you go to vaccines gov or Mayo Clinic org or you could give them a call at nine oh four nine five three two two seven two thanks again stick around more to come right after this [Music]

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