UW Medical Center Ranks #1 in Washington

The US News & World Report
Rankings are in, and we’re
excited to announce
that at UW Medical Center we rank number one for best hospital in the entire state of Washington. Well we’re really excited about
being number one in the area,
and I think it’s great
recognition for all the work
that we do. There were over 4,658 hospitals
evaluated, How do you think UW Medicine
ranked number one in
Washington State? Well I don’t think that it is
any one thing. It starts with
our mission to improve the health of the
public, and the commitment
that our people bring to
that every day. We are the only institution to
have a 6 Magnet designation. For the community, Magnet
means we have the best of the
best for nurses. How does our excellence in
research and education
influence the quality of
our care? We all take an oath to take
care of patients, but when
you are also entrusted to
train the next generation
of physicians and other
healthcare leaders you have to be on the top
of your game. There is just nothing like
working at a teaching hospital,
and I just feel like we have
such a wonderful
collaborative team Everybody the multidisciplinary
team, the social workers, the
nurses, medical assistants. One of the reasons I came to
the university and decided that
I wanted to build my career
here was to be able to develop
an academic career, to do
research, to teach residents. I’m a resident specializing
in neurologic physical therapy, and I get to learn from experts
and learn from the cream
of the crop. We do not treat patients
that are simple. They are
dynamic. They have long complicated
medical histories. So think that we have so much
expertise in this hospital to
draw from and really great resources and
we aren’t shy about doing that
because if there is some really
complex medical case we have
seen a lot of, we know who to go to because we
have so much expertise in our
hospital alone. We feel really good about that,
knowing that we can provide the
best for the people
in the beds. Everyone here does their best
to meet the patient needs,
and that makes us feel proud. I could bring my father here,
I could bring my mother here,
any one of my family members
could be receiving care here. Go Dawgs!! It’s always fun talking with our
friends here at UW Medicine,
but hey it’s time for me to go. If you’d like more information
– check this link below.
I’ll see you guys next time.

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