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[ Music ]>>Ballet is Lily’s passion.>>I love performing on stage. And I also just love going into
the classroom and when you first go to the bar you start warming
up, it just makes me so happy.>>That joy, talent, and 30 hours a week of
practice, has led to leading roles in ballet. So when Lily had a foot injury.>>You go into ballet withdrawal almost. And you just miss it. But then you also feel really
motivated to get back and to come back stronger and
better than you were before.>>So we’re going to work
on to rotating discs first.>>Lily turned to the UW health sports
medicine dance clinic to help in her recovery.>>Make sure those hips stay straight. Dancers are unique athletes. They need to be strong but also very flexible. And not a lot of rehab providers
have expertise in treating dancers. Excellent.>>We’ll see injured dancers from many
different studios around the city. Are you having any pain still along here?>>Not just from a ballet
studio but we also work with Irish dancers and other
competition dancers.>>The thing that you care about most as a
parent is that they’re safe and they’re healthy. Especially somebody in my
daughter Lillian’s position who is training to be a professional ballerina. And knowing that her dance instructor and her physical therapist are working
together just puts me so much at ease. Because I know there’s a collaboration. They care about my child’s health.>>Good. You did a really nice
job keeping that left hip back. When they first come in, we’ll perform
an evaluation, which is going to look at them pretty much from head to toe. We don’t just look at the
injury or the injured body part. Because many times the reason why
they’re injured came from above or below. How do you feel landing on
that foot on the right?>>We found I had some alignment issues. And that was causing me to constantly
put pressure on my right foot. And cause it to get injured. And we figured out a way by doing the
eastern physical therapy exercises and doing pilates actually, that’s helped
a lot with my alignment and even now that I’m back dancing, it’s helped me
be stronger and actually dance better.>>Most dancers at the clinic
are coming back from injury. But healthy dancers who want to improve their
performance can also utilize the clinic.>>One of the things that dancers sometimes
can worry about is I’m going to get bulky. And that’s not necessarily the case. We’re going to target those muscle groups
that are going to make you stronger. And more beautiful. While you’re dancing.>>Just a little bit more
attention to that left hip.>>Like many injured dancers who’ve come
to the clinic, Lily followed the plan. And she’s seen the positive results.>>Nice. She’s doing great. Her foot is not hurting at all
which is very exciting for us.>>I feel so happy to be back dancing. It’s so exciting. And I just feel like stronger than ever. And just really excited. [ Music ]

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