UVA Uterine Fibroid Clinic: Focused Ultrasound and Gloria’s Story

[MUSIC PLAYING] My symptoms before the
treatment included having pain and very heavy periods. There was one month where
I actually bled every day for the entire month. A new month was starting,
and the bleeding did not seem as though
it was going to end. That’s when I went
to a hospital. That’s when they
did an ultrasound. And that’s how I found
out that I had fibroids. I knew it was common
for women to have them. But I also knew that my
symptoms were not common. When I was researching
into the treatment options, I was looking for one that did
not involve invasive treatment. Focused ultrasound is a way in
which ultrasound energy is used to destroy abnormal tissue. And what it is a
big lens from which more than 200 individual
sound waves are focused. You target it on the fibroid,
using magnetic resonance imaging to guide you
where you want to target. You turn the machine
on, and you destroy that little area of tissue. When I came to see if I was
eligible for the treatment, Dr. Matsumoto gave me
all my treatment options what would be best for
me based on my age, and if I wanted to have kids. He was very thorough
and making sure I knew all the details
of what to expect during the treatment itself,
as well as afterwards what I could expect. The other treatment
options seemed as though they involved a
lot more pain, and a lot more time to recover. And so for me, the MRI
focused ultrasound just seemed like it was the best
option, because I would be able to move around
pain free the next day and hopefully have
the same success. My symptoms have
improved greatly. My periods have
been very regular. And my other symptoms
have gone away completely. And I had some of the
best quality medical care that I’ve ever received at UVA. And so I was very
impressed with the level of care, the professionalism
of the doctors and their staff, and would more than recommend. I would definitely support
people here if I could.

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