Utah Deaf Hospital Rights

Kim: Hi my name is Kim Smith Purpose of this vlog I heard from many Hospitals don’t provide interpreter services. Whether it be for ER emergencies or planned surgeries. hospitals are not providing interpreters. I really wonder why??? I heard there is a law suit in process Janelle: Yes Kim: I’ve decided to interview Janelle Nielsen She is one of those victims that faced traumatic experiences. Terrible I want to thank Janelle (her name sign) for sharing her stories. Lets listen to her. Janelle: Thank you for opportunity to share my stories. I have two stories to share. First story was an emergency, unexpected. Before this happened, I was pregnant! So excited, I was 6 weeks along. It would have been my first baby. The day started out boring, normal. All of the sudden I experienced intense pain. We went to the ER When we showed up to the ER I knew they would not be prepared to provide interpreter. My husband and I were ready to tell the ER staff we need a live interpreter ER Staff said “Okay” left the ER room. They came back 1-2 minutes later. By now my pain has increasingly gotten worse. Became really hard to focus They came in with ipad for VRI I said “hold on, no. live interpreter They argued with me. Funny, they argue…..*thinking outloud* there were 3 nurses, and a doctor. All 4 of them came into the ER room with the ipad for VRI. But they haven’t started the VRI. No one was signing anything. I’m in intense pain that’s getting worse and I”m asking them to “please provide live interpreter. The VRI interpreter is not even interpreting !” My husband argued with them. for maybe 2-3 minutes and still the VRI was not interpreting. I’m in pain, struggling, frustrated and confused. They finally said “Fine, we’ll call for a live interpreter” All 4 of them left the room. 5 minutes later a nurse came back She looked at me with pity and said “There’s no interpreters available… “you must use VRI ipad. I’m suspicious and confuse It’s 5:00 pm…. there should be plenty of live interpreters available It’s not like it’s 2 am in the morning and no one is awake to answer the phone. I COULD understand that. But 5 minutes and tell me that there’s none available? I didn’t know what else to do at this point. I’m in more pain. I told them that I will go to another hospital Nurses panicked “no! this could be life threatening, you need to stay…. “let us take care of you” The pain has gotten worse, so bad that I couldn’t think straight. I gave all responsibility to my hearing husband From then on we had VRI the rest of the appointment. But it was not effective. Doctor didn’t speak loud enough for VRI to hear him through the ipad There was not enough room for the VRI plus all the other machines. They’ve struggled with placing the ipad which was on it’s own rolling tripod. I was laying down the entire time. I couldn’t sit up. Because it caused so much pain in my uterus. What had happened was that The fetus implanted itself inside the fallopian tube. No room for the fetus to grow, and it ruptured the tube. Caused heavy internal bleeding Had surgery to take care of everything. Everything is okay now. BUT Emotionally, I couldn’t understand the doctor My husband and I were struggling emotionally We moved on from this. 3 months later. I had decided to get bilateral cochlear implants. I was very excited about this decision We planned this surgery I called IHC to make sure I will have live interpreter for before and after surgery. Woman on the phone said “yes” I’ve called several different times to make sure. When we arrived for the surgery, there
was a live interpreter! I asked again, when I wake up from surgery will I have either same interpreter or a different one? She said “yes, you will” Everything seems positive about the interpreter situation. All up to the surgery I had a live interpreter and it was a good experience. Surgery happens. After surgery, I’m waking up around 1:30pm It was a 4 hour surgery 1:30pm I’m waking up I completely forgotten where I was. I thought maybe I was in a car accident I was so confused. I look around and notice no interpreter I start signing “where interpreter” over and over again My husband told me Correction: They took maybe 30 minutes before they called him to come help interpret. *ummmm what?!!?!* SERIOUSLY?!!! My husband arrive to recovery room started to help. Nurse was writing on a white board Putting it in my face I couldn’t tell you now what they were writing. I was so high from all the meds they gave me. Plus so much pain I was panicking No communication I had no idea what was happening So much pain My husband was panicking too! saying “My wife is hurting.” My entire body was shaking from the pain Zero communication Nurse had no idea how to communicate with me. Finally they listened to my husband. Brought ipad! again. Kim: oh no! Janelle: I know! They never called for live interpreter. Never. Live interpreter? Never planned to provide live interpreter They put ipad VRI in front of me. Again, I repeat myself. Live interpreter, live interpreter, again again. This started at 1:30pm, finally at 4:50pm an interpreter showed up. Kim: what!? Janelle:…….. Right before I checked out of the hospital. Kim: Wow Janelle: What worse? Hospital policy –I’m mad at this– They won’t pay interpreter more than 2 hours at a time. That make sense? Their 2 hour policy I found out that the hospital was waiting since 1:30pm for another interpreter to finish their current job hoping that interpreter didn’t used up her 2 hour limit, to come interpret for me. I’m so confused with this policy. WHAT?! So. I’m done with feeling unsafe in IHC. What if my son is hurt I take him to the ER at IHC and they won’t provide me, his mom an interpreter. What if my husband is hurt? And they not help me? Or again, I’m hurt and they not provide live interpreter? To not provide live interpreter Feels like it’s ridiculous! Today’s society, this should be resolved. Am I right? What do I do? Kim: First of all, I’m so sorry about your pregnancy experience I know that was hard on you. Really, that was a tough situation. Considering your two experiences you had That’s AWFUL! Kim: I can’t imagine me same. Janelle:This happened this year! Kim: I can’t imagine going through the same situation as yours. I’m deaf myself. I’ve had to go to various hosptial visits. I’ve found myself in VRI situations. Same my husband, himself deaf. He had to use VRI, not happy with that. Now based on your experiences We are going through some lawsuit right now. We are looking for more information Viewers, do you know of anyone experienced similar discrimination in hospitals in the past 2 years hospitals not providing effective communication, and only use VRI or not willing to give you a live interpreter. We have a procedure for that. We are happy to announce that we are collecting stories! Janelle: Yes! We really need your help. Your stories We need to know if it happened in Utah If it happened in other states, I’m sorry, we can’t use your stories. Requirement: Must happen in Utah, and within the past 2 years. If more than 2 years, unfortunately the law cannot help with cases that happened more than 2 years ago. Again, we need your stories. We need your help The more people with similar stories, the more power we have to create change. We want….I want change! Right Kim?? Kim: Yes Janelle: We want to change the environment in hospitals for deaf. Kim: Yes Okay, now Janelle, thank you for your stories. I really appreciate it. Now you, the viewers, watching what’s going on. Important to remember 1. You live in Utah 2. Experienced discrimination in IHC whether it be emergency or nonemergency for example planned surgery. Must happen within the past 2 years to today. it is important for you to share your stories. with our lawyer we will provide more information in later posts and vlogs. 3. You know of any one else who experienced this, share this video. Encourage them to share their stories. All of your information when filling out form will be confidential. Only the lawyer will see your information. We plan to have a class action act lawsuit to all Utah hospitals that do not provide effective communication. (Live interpreters.) So, come and share your stories! Janelle: Together, we can change this. #deafhosprights

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