UT Physicians Pediatric Surgery – Texas Medical Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Today is an exciting day. We’ve performed a renovation that has gone from 3,000 square feet to 9, 045 square feet. In the last number of years as Houston is continuing to expand, with it is an expanding pediatric population as well. So there is just an enormous need to support a city of that size with the number of births as well as the number of older children. One of the biggest things is the clinic space itself. We needed to, you know, create a better efficient flow for our patients. At times, they have wheelchairs, they have stretchers, they have strollers. Or families that come in with their babies. We’re able now to accommodate those; for them to come into our clinic, to check in and check out of more efficiently. It’s airy, it’s open. I think it’s friendly for the kids. It’s very exciting, it’s more room. It’s very convenient for our patients. We have the kiddie area where the kids can actually get to entertain themselves while they wait for our medical assistants to call them back. Once they are back here into our clinic areas, we have more room. And we have more space to move around. We’re actively working on our telemedicine footprint. And that’s our vision of this, is that we can provide first visit at home. We can look at the child and make a determination and then they may never have to come in to the medical center. We went from one telemedicine room to now we have 5 telemedicine rooms. Creating the space, how to make it look, where things should go, that was very much an entire team effort with the medical assistants, the nurse practitioner, the physicians. What was a whole group effort. I want to hand it to each and every one of you for your all hard work. and dedication. Because with this renovation, we’ve been able to create a more efficient flow for our patients. It’s just a great group of people in our clinic. Our MAs are wonderful, our nurses are great. The front office people are great. It’s just a wonderful team effort.

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