UT News – Rehabilitation Hospital Groundbreaking

[VO] On Tuesday – Ernest Health and The University
of Toledo – broke ground on the Rehabilitation Hospital of Northwest Ohio.
The new hospital will provide intensive physical rehabilitation services to patients recovering
from impairments as a result of injury or illness.
The hospital will also provide training opportunities for UT resident physicians – as well as clinical
rotations for physical – occupational – and speech therapy – and nursing.
The Rehabilitation Hospital of Northwest Ohio will absorb the inpatient rehabilitative services
currently offered through the medical center – and is estimated to create one-hundred 20
new jobs. [Cooper] We believe that a public-private
partnership like this will expand rehabilitation capabilities in Northwest Ohio, and I want
to emphasize how much we value the ability to train a new generation of leaders in your
facility. [BROCKETTE] Rehab, ya know, is so inspirational.
We love to celebrate the outcomes. And when you come over here you’re going to see miracles
everyday. We see them every day in our hospitals. [VO] Ernest Health also made a donation of
five-thousand dollars to the Amie Litzinger MD Endowed Scholarship Fund.
Amy was a student in the College of Medicine who passed away in January 2013.

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