Using Distraction to make IV insertions Ouchless at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

We’re going to clean with some cold soap, okay dude? She got bumped on the head Not that time Alright buddy remember the teeny tiny pinch we talked about? Alright Tod’s going to count to three, we’re going to have that pinch, and then we’re going to count to three and it’s all done. Alright? 1-2-3 Little pinch
and then 1-2-3 And we’re all done with that part. Good job. Now we just have the big push and stickers left, okay? Alright, you’re just going to feel that big push we talked about, okay bud? Tod will count to three again for you. 1-2-3 Big push Are you going to sing a song for us? Alright we’re all done. We just have tape and stickers left, okay? Squeeze came off. A little cold drink of water for your straw. Now your awesome teddy bear stickers He’s singing through his IV

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