Urologist: Charles D. Scales Jr., MD, MSHS

My name is Chuck Scales, and I’m a urologist at the Comprehensive
Kidney Stone Center here at Duke. We focus on, not only the surgical
treatment of kidney stones, but also prevention of kidney
stones through medications or changes in diet and lifestyle. The three main things that I see
patients for, really, are blood and the urine, which is a common
concern that can be a sign of, it can be an early sign of cancer. I see patients for problems with the
urination and then also I see patients for kidney stone, both the treatment and
prevention of kidney stones in the future. I think it’s really one of the unique
privileges of being a surgeon is to hear a patient’s story, learn about
their lives, and help them change their lives to get better health, if
that’s what they need to improve things. Really, my favorite part of the job is
when someone comes in, and they’re having a lot of pain from a kidney stone, and
we can treat them to relieve that pain. Either they will pass
the stone by themselves or, that we need to remove it and
we’ll do that. And then I get to talk to the patient
about how to prevent that from ever happening again. My biggest hobby right now is keeping
up with my six year old daughter. So, she is a real joy. I like to take her out hiking. I might go over to
the Eno River often times, and that’s one of our favorite places to go. So just being in the outdoors with
my daughter is really a lot of fun.

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