Urbex History – Shudder Island Abandoned Hospital

Today we take you through a long abandoned New England hospital which sits forgotten on a small island off the coast The story of the hospital starts shortly after the spanish-american war around 1900 Land had been set aside by the military in the late 1800s covering a whole coastal island and building of the facility was finished there a few years later the fort had nine gun batteries and over time during World War one and World War two expanded to have 1500 troops and nearly seventy buildings at its peak including mining casements barracks Observation stations telephone switchboard buildings a bakery fire stations storehouses and the hospital After World War one the base was abandoned by the military and became an empty and huge complex covering the whole area Like a real-life shutter island eventually It was parceled off to private buyers in the 1960s and the building’s renovated or destroyed Somehow through all of this the hospital remained over the decades becoming more and more derelict It now is a sole reminder of the long-ago history of the island This exploration We have brought along our friend Bowman a local Islander who has joined us for their first urban exploration experience to my knowledge No one has ever captured this hospital on video. So this will be a first freak YouTube as well When you approach the hospital it’s almost invisible in the trees It’s a Hollywood haunted house nestled between various expensive island properties. It broods in their midst very out of place Which makes it seem they’ve been unreal The old stare to the front is overgrown and barely noticeable The windows stare with shredded curtains like sleepily cobweb dies The old rusted fire escapes are covered with creeping vines the twist of their lengths We head inside and immediately are surrounded by the old boilers and furnaces of hospital We split up to cover more ground and find the best way up our videographer think maker Explores as I find the best places for a few good shots Oh, yeah Parts of the ceiling have given in The end of the passage is blocked as the floor above has completely come down We turn around and head into a maze of small rooms Many doors still are labeled for their purpose the drug storage room strangely also has what seemed to be furnaces possibly from medical waste disposal Insects cover the walls here We head up the stairs into the main building Mostly untouched old shelves like here and there mixed with bits of furniture The tin ceilings often a sign of the age of a building in this case may have protected from the ravages of water damage In the records office the floor slumps at one end a sure sign of a failing floor When a radiators halfway through it, you know, you’re next Here it is, apparently this is the room that caused the blockage below is the entire floor is 10 feet below us above This can be seen the falling tin ceiling tiles that cover massive leaks The fireplace in the room denotes an important resident maybe a doctor or administrator I know like there’s two staircases and considering it Is weary try and think maker the floors begin to make some interest really really care Yeah, you look okay, I don’t know if I’m gonna step hop side to the next Yeah, they’re pretty if they don’t like wedding rings Yeah, I don’t know about these this We continue upstairs to see the state of things there it’s apparent water damage is so bad that in places You can see through the walls themselves Oh Jesus This narrow hallway attaches the mean building to the smaller part of the hospital Maybe Yeah, I think so it’s pretty really An old patient tub lays on a floor missing many boards beyond which is a wildly buckled area everywhere our splintered remanence Finally we try the last flight up to the top level They’re making noises now Midway the stair begins to make loud noises and we decide to not risk it further this time Yep, definitely, I Thought about going You try the hallway below which looks like won a movie murderer would chase their victim down As if to back this up a breeze picks up blowing the remnants of the curtains in the wind These little things capture emits ruins that sometimes make you stop and stare The floor ahead is covered in holes and rotted wood as Visitors materialize outside we decide to call it a day and explore the further areas at a later date Join us next time as we head into the Forgotten and vanishing resorts of New York’s borscht belt You

31 thoughts on “Urbex History – Shudder Island Abandoned Hospital

  1. Fantastic video!…………….Your combined skills in making these videos improves with every one you create!…………The lower background music is also great, as your rich deep voice comes across so clearly!………..I like to hear the interaction of conversation, between "Thinkmaker", yourself and your friend, as it enhances the total experience of the shoot, and it lets the viewer know of the dangers that you all face, during your visits to these places!…………..I cannot wait to view further, the rest of the place in your next video!…………..Please keep up the good work, and Thankyou both for all the hard work that you do, and have done, to bring these places to us and allow us to experience them!…………………………….old Tich.

  2. Excellent video! The history behind this hospital and the fact that it is on an island, reminds me of the movie about a mental hospital titled "Shutter Island". This was an amazing explore. Thank you! Well done!

  3. Great location , great narration. Love the original signage on the doors and the tin ceiling. Congrats on being the first on YT to document this.

  4. Loved this!!! Great explore. Fantastic location. Right in line with halloween and all that is creepy… πŸ‘πŸ»

  5. This was badass. The nearly destroyed curtains were amazing. The level of ruin and decay was epic at this site. Thanks for sharing this. I hope you get to return so we can see more of it.

  6. It really intrigues me how the ravages of time turn a seemingly innocent building into something very eerie.
    Thanks to you and your team being dare devils in the exploring, we get to see these beautiful sights.
    Many thanks and take care

  7. Absolute gold to watch. I love watching these types of videos as it gives us inspiration for our own. Subbed and liked and will be watching more of your work.

  8. What a neat place, so scary while you were walking around. I had to hold my breath because of how bad the floors were in the hallways. I was wondering if there would be anything to help aid one of you not falling through a floor. Use of an old broom handle to test the floor in front of you before stepping perhaps? I loved seeing the old curtains that was really was interesting to see. It was so dark in there for a hospital especially the basement, I think neon white lights when I envision a hospital. Thank you for the back story on these old places, nice element to help visualize what you are seeing. Loved how all the doors were labeled, I have never seen that in an old building before.

  9. Hii πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‚ woow this was truly incredible loved it so much i could of kept watching.. good choice not to go up the last set of stairs it looked dogey as lol..but wow this was erie looking like a good old horror scene..your right the regiments of that old curtain blowing definitely makes you stop and look. Loved your editing and the way you conduct your walk throughs the music definitely fitted this old hospital..much love from new Zealand..also subbed and liked I thought i already was but definitely am now

  10. I love how on each explore you give us a history – and that wonderful male voice swoon superb thank you very much keep up the great work

  11. I don't think they're creepy…. I see them as fascinating.. with a hint
    of sadness, and frustration.
    Thanks for the journey.

  12. This is for anyone who explores or is stuck going in some place like security guards…..
    Carry a selfie stick and a round mirror. Poke it through first. It'll help you stay safe, by allowing you to see inside the doorways first. You might consider a rope in case of collapse

  13. 9:27 as he’s narrating the floor failing and the camera jumps a bit….Yikes!!!! On the edge of my chair!!😳

  14. Nobody comes close to your camera work or the information that comes with it… Ok sweetie, now you have me hooked…

  15. I think this is the first time I've ever held my breath for 21 minutes. That was one hell of an explore! I could see how tentative you all were entering the place; your trepidation was rather infectious.

    You know, I've oft found myself watching these videos as if the camera is my POV. I'm literally craning my neck to see around corners, into doorways, and nooks and crannies as if am there. That's what makes these uploads of yours such a good watch, among other reasons.

  16. Hahaha I am laughing here. At the moment the cameraman said Oh Jesus, so did I. He was taking a big old risk going up one more level there, and he knew it.

  17. Don't mean to sound ignorant…but, I just wonder how much of this history has any, if anything, to do with the movie of the same name?

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