UPSHS Video Tour – Butner Federal Medical Center (Intro)

Scene opens showing a building with four flags in front of it, including The American, and POW flags. The camera then shows the plaque for the U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons,8 and pans out to show that sign for the Federal Medical Center. A building is shown in the distance, and a white bus pulling up to a barbed wire gate. Inside the building looks like a typical hospital waiting room The camera follows a female officer down a flight of stairs – then a male officer reaches for a walkie-talkie and
a set of keys from a mechanical box set in the wall The male officer walks down a corridor and through a set of barred doors Three officers walk towards the camera, and the scene ends with the door closing

5 thoughts on “UPSHS Video Tour – Butner Federal Medical Center (Intro)

  1. so you think that being locked up at FMC is a better accommodation, you can take my place anytime you are ready and you can also do my dialysis and hope that you don't have any other emergency while you live in those better accommodation.

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