UNM Nursing and Pharmacy Colleges Celebrate Milestones in Joint Exhibit

There’s so much history behind
both schools and I think both colleges are very collaborative in a lot of ways
and its neat they could to celebrate these milestones together. We will soar to new heights and work together.
We look forward to our future, yes. Collaboration is really helpful. Dean Welage and I talked repeatedly about things we can work on together. It also
really fits with what’s happening on health care today in terms of teamwork
really working together to help improve care, quality and safety outcomes. I think
the milestone really means let’s celebrate our past we have tremendous solid foundation but
now let’s look to the future what will the next seventy years look like and beyond. Sixty years of legacy and numerous numerous graduates. We have several thousand
graduates throughout the country most of them have stayed in New Mexico and it really is
wonderful to build on all that expertise and practice. I’m just really blessed to be
able to be a part of this and have my name up on the wall. I know nursing I
gained tons of assessment skills that I got to use for pharmacy and and being able to apply both disciplines
when I see patients and I think it’s it’s kinda neat that I’m able to draw on both experiences when I’m taking care of patients. So we have this push the
envelope innovate, improve whether that’s through research, education or through
practice. Its about the stories its about the people. Health care, research
and education is all a team sport.

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