University Hospital Of The West Indies

University Hospital of the West Indies
UHWI formally, and affectionately known as UC from its former name
the University College of the West Indies was established in 1948. Since then the hospital has managed to
consolidate its resources to ensure that we continue to provide excellence
in teaching, research, and patient care The hospital has succeeded exceedingly
well in providing Jamaica, the wider Caribbean region, and other parts of the
world with qualified medical personnel and has made valuable contributions to
research. As the largest hospital in Jamaica, and the largest teaching
hospital in the region the UHWI has been the trailblazer in facilitating
advanced medical technology, and research. One of the main goals of the hospital is
to provide excellence in patient care, as such, we strive to be patient centered,
and family-oriented, supporting the needs of our clients from all walks of life
throughout jamaica and the wider caribbean. We have a multidisciplinary
staff specializing in a wide range of services. Our Emergency Services Division
is always accessible. We offer outpatient care through over 30
specialized outpatient clinics, some having subspecialties. Our support
services include, but are not limited to radiology and addiction treatment
services unique CHARES the Center for HIV AIDs Research Education and Services dietetics medical social work
physiotherapy and pharmacy and our maternity unit is second to none and
well known for caring for high risk mothers, and their infants. We are ideally located at Mona, Kingston
7 between the University of Technology and UWI Mona campuses. We can be
reached via phone, at 876-9271620-9 additional information can also be obtained on our website at We look forward to serving you.

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