University Hospital in Madison, WI wayfinding video – eastbound

>>Coming from the west side of
Madison, you’ll be traveling east on University Avenue heading
toward University Hospital. As you approach University Bay Drive,
you’ll need to move in to the left lane. Turn left on to University
Bay Drive at the stoplight. As you go up the hill, you’ll stay to the
right, and the road becomes Highland Avenue. You’ll pass our American
Family Children’s Hospital, and our emergency room entrance on the right. Continue down the hill, curving to the right,
and go straight at the stop sign at Marsh Drive. As the road curves, you’ll pass the health
sciences learning center on your right. You’ll be turning right at the
stoplight after this building. Turn right at the lights on the
intersection of Observatory Drive, and you’ll be entering the parking
area for University Hospital. If you can self park, the two left lanes
will take you in to the parking ramp. You’ll need to take a ticket
to get in to the ramp. If you need assistance with parking, the far right lane will take
you to the valet parking area. Valet parking is a free service for patients. Once you reach the valet area, pull to the
right as directed by the valet attendant. Park your vehicle, and listen to
instructions from your valet attendant. [ Music ]

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