UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s Hospital Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Welcome to UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s
Hospital and our inpatient physical medicine and rehabilitation center
located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. St. Luke’s is the regional leader in rehabilitation
we help patients recovering from stroke brain or spinal cord injuries as well as
other conditions needing intense rehabilitation and nursing care. Our
dedicated inpatient rehabilitation team helps over 400 people annually regain
their independence or adapt to a new normal.
St. Luke’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation scores above the regional
and national average in the number of patients returning home. Once an
individual is admitted to St. Luke’s our care team of rehabilitation physicians
and psychology providers along with our nurses and therapists work with the
patient and family on an individualized plan that allows them to meet their
goals. St. Luke’s inpatient rehabilitation
center is accredited by CARF the Commission on Accreditation of
Rehabilitation Facilities, which means we meet high standards for rehabilitative
care. St. Luke’s has received recognition from CARF for over 40 years
and is the only Hospital in the Corridor to receive this accreditation. Our
accredited programs include inpatient rehabilitation, stroke and brain injury
for adults and adolescents. St. Luke’s rehabilitation facility has
24 beds. Each spacious private room has its own restroom and can accommodate
family members to stay with the patient. You will enjoy meals in our dining room
this space is a great spot to socialize with our guests or visit with family and
friends. Another area patients and their family
members are encouraged to use is our patient education room in nearby family
room . St. Luke’s follows specific criteria when admitting a patient. We are
work with a very large multidisciplinary team this
includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech
therapists, medical psychologists neuropsychologists, recreational
therapists and dietary, social work. The team here has done a lot to grow this unit
but every patient that comes here is part of this comprehensive team and
receives care for every individual. Your goals are an intricate part of our
medical and rehabilitation plan. As a patient at St. Luke’s the hard work
happens here in our rehabilitation gym. Our team of experienced therapists
provide Cedar Rapids – most comprehensive physical, occupational,
speech and recreational therapy. This gym holds the tools and talent ready to help
patients reach their goals. Our rehabilitation gym has several unique
features – there’s a kitchen where patients practice preparing meals. A mock grocery store, a car to practice getting in and out of. An area that includes a
variety of walking surfaces and steps. Each of these areas helps patients
practice the activities of daily living in addition St. Luke’s has the most
up-to-date therapy equipment like the solo step functional electrical
stimulation bike and the balance master. All important tools used to help
patients get moving again. St. Luke’s also has a practice apartment
that provides a realistic environment for doctors and therapists to assess a
patient’s readiness to return home. St. Luke’s therapists will evaluate a
patient’s home environment before discharge, which helps them determine if
any changes need to be made so the transition from hospital-to-home is safe.
Our team members strive to integrate patients back into their lives through
community outings, trips to the mall, grocery or hardware store or a planned
walk in the park. One of the things that I think is almost the most rewarding for
us is not only seeing people improve and be able to reach their goals but we
established such a relationship with our patients and I think that’s one of the
things that I love most is you get to see people going back and being happy
and having hope in their lives again and being able to establish that
relationship almost lifelong. Rehab does not end when the session with their
therapists is over. Continued conversation occurs among the team and
with our patients to assess what they are doing well and areas for opportunity.
When a patient is ready to go home the team works with the patient and family
to identify any needs a patient may have this may include nursing services,
medical equipment and outpatient therapy. They had all the tools needed to
rehabilitate me back to where I could walk and do everything on my own.
The care was tremendous you know it was more than I expected. Each patient
matters our team comes alongside each individual on their journey to recovery
and surrounds them with care addressing concerns equipping them to regain
independence and maximize their potential. To schedule a tour of St.
Luke’s Inpatient Rehabilitation or visit with a member of our team call (319) 369-7261.

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