Union University College of Pharmacy: Come and Excel in Clinical Practice

– When we start the
curriculum with the students we spend a lot of time
in the classroom talking to them about things that
they’re going to experience. What’s really unique is
to get to see the patients out on their APPE rotations
and in the sim lab as well because they get to experience
the things that we’ve told them about that’s coming
for two and a half years. – The simulation lab helped me to see kind of what a hospital room looked like, how to work my way around the ward. It allows you to make recommendations to affect patient care in
a safe environment that prevents you from making a mistake in real life that could
potentially harm a patient. – Having opportunity to
look at labs in real time and assess patients for their bowel sounds and for what kind of heart rate
they have and look at EKGs. – The students get to
experience high fidelity human patient simulation here
at Union University. They get to make decisions on their own and see what the consequences
of those decisions may be. – We do have multiple opportunities for interdisciplinary
approach to patient care. I had the great fortune of
being on a blood and marrow transplant rotation to where
I got to be with the doctor every day during rounds
and make recommendations to adjust antibiotics, to
adjust pain medications, to even in some cases adjust
chemotherapy regimens. – It’s those times when
I’m helping a patient figure out the proper medication for them, prevent a patient from
incorrectly taking a medication by properly counseling them that I’m so grateful that I chose this profession. It did my heart great joy to see that something I did helped someone and that I can make a difference
in this community. – So what we’re looking
for in pharmacy students is we’re looking for someone
who will partner with us to move pharmacy into the next
phase which is going to be becoming more and more
integrated in patient care and really taking ownership
of our patients and seeing their care all the
way through to make sure that they have good outcomes,
that they’re fully taken care of and that they have the best pharmacotherapy that they can have.

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