Une nouvelle vie pour des chimpanzés captifs / A new life for captive chimps

Mongo and Youyou used to live at Kinshasa Zoo Mayélé was kept by a local sorcerer, In July 2019, their life has changed… P-WAC has offered them a forest, to live free and climb trees ! Youyou and Mayélé were the first to enter the enclosure, They both needed to be reassured by the team, Once reassured, they went to discover their new home, and to go back to Mongo, that was still inside the house, afraid…. The staff has to stay close to her, to encourage her, to reassure her, to talk to her, to make a feel confident and ease her. Meanwhile, Mayélé and Youyou were playing ! Mayélé went back to Mongo once again, who finally decided to go out when nobody was looking at her ! Then, it was time to explore the forest ! Again, Mayélé and Youyou were the firsts to climb trees, Mongo needed time and comfort, but once she touched her first tree… … she decided to join her friends. Mongo, Mayélé and Youyou, in the forest. Today is the 19th of July 2019, and finally Our chimps have entered the rehabilitation enclosure It took us so long, we have faced so many difficulties, logistical, technical, well, many hard times in the field to set up this enclosure, but today, the three chimps, Mayélé, Mongo and Youyou have finally discovered their new home ! Their first reaction was to climb trees and to play, so it’s a great experience Mongo was afraid at the beginning, but she was reassured by the others and by the team, It is a real joy to see them in the wild after so many years ! Youyou and Mongo were at Kinshasa’s zoo, and we rescued them in 2018, Mayélé also arrived in 2018, but he was kept by a local sorcerer, in Kinshasa, To finally see them, happy, playing, climbing trees, after so many years of captivity and suffering, is true happiness ! So thanks to all the people who have helped us, thanks to those who have participated in this adventure ! Thanks to those who have allowed this enclosure : Thanks to our partners, our donors, thanks to all the local team who did an amazing job, We are living in a remoted area, with difficult conditions, They all made an impressive work, for the chimpanzees ! So thank you everyone, What an historic day for P-WAC !

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