Understanding Breast Cancer with Dr. Vijian Dhevan | UT Health RGV

Hello, my name is Dr. Dhevan, I’m a general surgeon with a special interest in Oncology. So I do see a lot of patients
with multiple stages of breast cancer and we offer them some of the
latest advances in treatment for breast cancer. Not having to do a total
mastectomy meaning not having to take the whole breast off, save the
breast. I do a lot of oncoplastic work, trying to reconstruct the breast at
the time I take out the tumor. To maintain the way a lady looks without
undergoing excessive surgery. This is something I’ve inhearited from my parents or I’ve inherited from my mentors that taught me. I like talking
to my patients like they’re friends. Common terms, I use analogies that often
revolves around gardening, cooking, working on your car and I find these
ways of describing complex issues very comforting for patients. Getting involved with the pre-op chemotherapy or radiation if they need it. Post-op therapy, if they need it.
So it’s a long-term relationship that I set up with my patients.
I guess the most rewarding thing is when you look in the patient’s eye and look
at the family in the eye and you tell them you came in to see me with some
kind of cancer and now you are cancer-free and the relief in the eye, and that’s
very rewarding. Mountains are dared to be climibed and I think it’s everything we face at times may seem like mountains but we climb them on a daily basis and resolve

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