Understanding Aphasia | Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

Welcome to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of
Rancho Mirage! My name is Summer, and I am the speech therapist
here at Vibra. Did you know that June is
National Aphasia Awareness Month? So I thought I’d tell you a little bit about
aphasia with our time here today. So aphasia is a language disorder that occurs
after head trauma or a brain injury. The most common cause is actually a stroke,
and we work with quite a few patients here that have an aphasia. So what aphasia is, is there’s two general kinds. There’s one that’s more receptive, and so
an individual might not understand language or be able to communicate and understand what
you’re saying to them. There’s also more of an expressive aphasia, so sometimes the words just don’t come out. They know what they want to say but they’re
not able to tell you. Or, maybe more of written form, where they can’t put the words
and communicate on paper. And so what we do here, as a team, is work
on their language and their communication so that when they go back home and into their community, that they will be able to communicate
their wants, and needs and desires as effectively as they can. So some of the ways we do this is through
a lot of repetition and brain games, just like these ones here. So we work on something fun and visual, and
pair it with the language, ’cause that helps with another modality in there. And other games we work on communicating back
and forth, the set up of the different little pieces and fitting it together. And we also do riddles, important to put the language in there,
so there’s jokes or riddles, and we’re working through how to answer the
question. So I hope this was helpful, and that you learned
a little bit about aphasia. And remember, June is Aphasia Awareness Month.

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