Understand ‘What is liposuction & its Benefits’ Just in 3 min | Dr Rajat Gupta, Plastic Surgeon

hi are you someone who is suffering from
resistant areas of fat in certain areas of your body are you someone who is
exercising a lot and still feel difficult to achieve your dream body
shape so this video is for you hello I’m dr. Rajat Gupta, I am board-certified
a plastic surgeon working in New Delhi let me tell you something about what is
liposuction. liposuction is a procedure to remove resistant areas of fat in your
body and this fat component which is deposited beneath your skin so whatever
areas you want to control can be easily shaved to your drain shape by removing
such fat how is liposuction done whatever area we want to contour we make small holes of three to four mm we put in some fluid which will melt and
emulsify the fat that we want to remove and then we remove this fat at the end
of the procedure you can actually see how much fat we have removed and you can also see an immediate change in your body shape now imagine that you are
removing fat which is breathe your skin and this fat is actually beneath the
skin and above the muscle this is also called a subcutaneous fat now when we
remove this fat we also want the skin to shrink and stick to the muscle behind so
one needs to bear something called as compression garment for next four to six
weeks after surgery so that the skin shrinks and gives you a shape what you
want what I help you to achieve is an improved version of your own body shape
for a female we can carve out an hourglass shape on an hourglass body so
that it looks very aesthetic for a male we can carve out a v-shape athletic body
at the same time in certain individuals we can also carve out some six packs or
eight pack abs look so that the result looks very very natural and aesthetic
I’ll try to keep asking all questions regarding liposuctions in my upcoming
CDs or videos however if you have some questions which are unanswered you can
also write in to us in the comments below and we will try to answer all your
queries thank you

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