1. I have those same walkie talkies and they are the bomb I've tested them up to 4.5 miles and still heard them just fine

  2. Not sure if anyone mentioned this, they must have but I thought I would anyway just in case, at like 10:10 when you turn to the left and look down the hallway, then a look forward and double take back to the left and say you though you saw something…it kinda looks like something blocks out part of I don’t know something. The glass on the door at the end of the hallway. Like maybe your light reflecting off it or something. I might be wrong.

  3. At 6:09 look behind him there is a shadow figure walking up and then goes back down a ramp or a staircase

  4. Omar ,, if u can get permission to investigate the Chris watts home in Colorado you should go fo it ???

  5. hey omar..i am french and i have been your channel for a long time. I'm really a fan of what you do! even if I do not understand English very well I put the automatic translator lol kiss for France 😉😊

  6. at 10:04 he looks to his left down a hall the door is open and closes put it on slow mow then you can see

  7. I love watching your videos it makes me happy and that is hard for me because I have bipolar depression so thank you Omar for being so nice to your fans

  8. 5:01 there was an knock. 7:49 sounds like someone is asking for help. 10:05 something blocked the light at the door. 11:14 there is a whisper. 26:40 I hear voices coming from the walkie talkie. 28:10 someone just said hello on the walkie talkie and a thud. 35:11 someone hit the side of the cabinet. 39:22 a pip was thrown or fell down. 39:46 there is a shadow down the hall.

  9. LOLLOLLOL!!! An ALMOST uncut video!!! LOLLOLLOL!!! You are so funny sometimes!!! I love you Omar!!!

  10. That broken part of the building ~ Depending on how long that place has been abandoned, there was a HUGE earthquake several years back that that could be damage from.

  11. omar thats absultly fine if its long or not i love when you explore the abandend hospital keep up the good work peace omar gosh tv gimmy kiss😘😘😘😘😘😘

  12. When Omar said "I wonder if someone died from over dose" I instantly thought Michael "Hee Hee" Jackson.

  13. I honestly don't think He's looking into the Camera while investigating. It's like He's using the light from the Camera for sight. This could explain why He's missing so much evidence that His viewers see. Like that Shadow Figure that We caught in that Auditorium where they say that the Creeper is. How would He miss that if He was looking into the Camera?

  14. Omar it must be the wind.
    Omar James did you throw that rock at me?
    Omar some ones here.
    Omar it's the wind.
    Omar I'm not scared of you.
    Omar James did you do that?

  15. When you said hello and thought it was James. I didn't hear someone say hello, I heard someone cough, clear as a bell.

  16. Definitely! It does feel like a live stream! I prefer this way of presenting the episode instead of the use of froo froo music and the edits. To each his own…✌🏼

  17. Omar I just joined your channel thank you making these videos I love paranormal stuff thank you for the laughs on your videos your the best and kindest person ever

  18. I actually just said " they are gonna hit the button and accidently scare the crap out of each other" and then Omar's walkie made a noise and scared the crap out of him 🤣

  19. James has a death wish going around half blind 🙈🙈 … nearly breaks his neck falling in a hole , and all he’s worried about is he didn’t get it on camera 🤷🏻‍♀️ priorities I suppose …..

  20. Omar at 7:49 when you thought it was the radio it sounded like a voice but not James on the walkie talkie .. at around 6.49 a shadow seems to pass the corridor from left to right as Omar pans his camera .. its quick so look carefully ..

  21. when he was bye the door and he turned off his light and looked at the door i thought i saw a shadow or was it his shadow….like if its a demon dislike if its his shadow……

  22. You were in a lab.when you ask if it was a kitchen. It was a lab. My family worked in a hospital for over 20+ years.

  23. You should have gone to look for James. Maybe he was hurt or something. I just worry about him with him not being able to see that good.

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