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it’s my friend Bob and he has something that I’ve never seen on a medical video on YouTube an umbilical lip sometimes called a navel stone essentially the same thing of the dilated pore of whiner just a collection of sebaceous secretions and cretinous material has been shed by the skin with whatever dirt happens to be around and it makes some hard black almost waxy chunk so I really have a look back to this I will affect to me yes that’s accurate yes we’ll do it look like you ready for it okay so this is our first look at it we get into the belly button here and just kind of move around to show that there is something in there and the belly button is not the easiest thing to just enter the only hard thing behind it to push against is your spine and that’s a ways index crow is and I’d probably get uncomfortable if I separate now you can’t get under it now you can push down here but what happens is you can’t get far enough under to push from underneath it’s I know on the video when people say oh you just need to push in yeah it says you can’t get under the muscles won’t let you grab your views – rather than a hemostat I want something that can you know get in forgiving every time you touch this thing tries to pull away broke through okay we once I also don’t want to pinch you with this service you guys that oh I want to pitch it not you have pitch the the needle stone or umbilical with okay do you feel that at all verily does it feel like a pinching it over fully drumming the numb you up doesn’t hurt in addition to other debris that was around and got into this I think a little bit of lint it’s really perfect sort of like wax in your ears all right all right so I think what’s happening is that it’s breaking free there it is there there are videos of these on YouTube some more bigger I haven’t seen any done by a doctor so those are there well so since it’s yours you certainly are you get first first call on taking it home okay you got it looks like some fibers there the t-shirt or something – sure yeah and it’s fairly hard put it over here and in just Kennan well there’s not really any more broke off of where attaches to the tight little folds of a belly button and then yeah that’s where it came from I’m not going to pull on that because it would hurt it’s a it’s pretty much attached to your body hair stuck in it after that you how it came from a mammal that that’s a true biologist speaking take take it home and label it putting one of your specimen containers thanks a lot appreciate it until next I do need to thank some people I need to thank Lindsey Ann twine booboo Kitty and Petra Rosenberg who helped make this possible and all the other patreon xand and people can get extra videos behind the scenes by becoming a patrons on patreon other people can subscribe to the YouTube channel if you haven’t already until next time bomb myself telling you to stay in good health

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