Umang Shah – Registered Pharmacy Technician

At Markham Stouffville, I came here as a student first after which I was given the position of registered pharmacy technician and which I took it because of the team and which I work with is really awesome and people are really nice and every day they help me learn new stuff. Every day I learn something new that any any new drugs coming up, or any new methods or any advanced technology which we are using that’s the key point here and also, it’s the team with which I work with is really supportive and helpful. We try to make sure that if there is an accurate dispensing of the prescription medication as well as controlled and narcotic substances and we try to make sure that there is no errors and to avoid those human errors we are using the advanced technology by which is really helpful for us. Outside the pharmacy I like to do I’m a die-hard fan of cricket. I play cricket a lot and even I watch cricket a lot. Since last two years I have joined dragon boat competition where it’s a dragon boat festival which is held in Pickering area. It’s the challenges and it’s the, our team name SOB that’s shortness of breath, so that that means that you have to be pumped up till the time you finish the race.

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