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John Shekleton, MD Treatment options for ulcerative
colitis and Crohn’s disease – Another part of my practice involves inflammatory bowel disease. There are two types of
inflammatory bowel disease. One would be ulcerative colitis
which involves the colon. The second one is Crohn’s
disease which can involve anywhere from the mouth down to the rectum in a scattered or skip-wise fashion. Those are quite common. We end up following those patients and performing regular
colonoscopies on them and treating them with
medication for both illnesses or for whatever illness they have. So inflammatory bowel
disease is a common thing that we check for. Both of those diseases
are lifelong illnesses that in many cases can be successfully
treated with medication. Treatment for both ulcerative
colitis and Crohn’s is medication, and the
treatments are fairly similar. There are some differences. One of the common medications that we treat inflammatory
bowels disease with would be oral medication such as 5-ASA kind of an anti-inflammatory medication that works in the GI tract. Other medications that might be utilized on a short-term basis would
include steroid therapy. More long-lasting or newer medications would include
immunosuppressive medications or anti-TNF medications. Anti-TNF medications are anti-tumor necrosis factor medications. And tumor necrosis
factor is a inflammatory, is a marker of inflammation and it down-regulates
that inflammatory response and then therefore in many
patients can be very helpful for inflammatory bowel disease. Want more information?
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