UK Nurse Salary : Agency Nurse (Pros and Cons) Sweldo Series

Hi. I’m Philip and I’m an agency nurse. Hi. I’m Philip and I’m an agency nurse. Manong George: So Phillip, Can it you tell us what is agency nursing? Yes, I am still a nurse I, myself, I’m a theatre nurse. So I am not employed by any hospital but rather I have set up my own company and registered from different Nursing agencies where I get my shifts from them
and they would send me to different hospitals. It might be the same hospital for a few days or sometimes for a few months. **** Where’s my assistant??? Manong George: So Phillip, can you tell us how long haveyou been doing agency work? I’ve been doing the agency for three years full time. Prior to that, I worked in the NHS for seven years and worked in theatres.
I specialise in orthopedics but I do most specialities and then I just decided after
seven years because we moved as well I decided, now, let me try the agency. And
it has worked well for the past three years. Manong George: So Phillip, Can you give us the pros and cons of working as an agency nurse? One of the pros is I can take my leave anytime I want.
Basically, I don’t have to ask permission to anyone. Although I have to inform the agency that I am unavailable to work for certain days or certain weeks. Hence, I have the flexibility when
to work when I want to. I think the primary pro on being an agency nurse is
get a higher pay rate compared to being employed like my previous work in NHS and
another one would be my freedom to work anywhere. I can choose to work in certain
hospital The agency provides the shifts on certain
hospitals. If for some reason it did not worked as planned like distance being an issue, I can always call the agency and find another place
to work Another thing is I am self-employed. Since I have my own company, I
can claim particular expenses such as petrol for my transportation to work because driving is essential You can also claim food allowance and your accountant will tell you which expenditures can be claimed for your company For the cons of being an agency nurse, the biggest disadvantage is No work No pay. There are some instances that the hospital or agency might cancel the shift on the day or the day before so that means you will not be paid Or you might have a minimum payment for certain hours but it wasn’t the pay you expect for that day. Since, I am paid as I work, taking annual leave means no pay. Yes, I can take my leave anytime I want to, but I am not paid if I do so. If I get ill, I am not paid for any sick leave. Another negative thing is, unlike when I used to work in the NHS, there is a pension. NHS has a good pension scheme. As an agency nurse, I don’t have an employer pension. I can set up my own private pension
that would be the option. Well, that should be an option for you. Another cons, will be the constant travelling because I am not permanently employed by a certain
hospital. It depends on the shifts that the agency can give me which means I have to travel. Personally, I have travelled 2 hours away from
where I live. that is just one way. That is 4 hours in a day that you are not payed. I guess come to luck on what shift you get. you will be working in different hospitals, it means I have experienced being in 1 hospital for a year where you get to know the people. I have also experienced in 5 hospitals in 5 days. it’s five different hospitals. Being a agency you should know how to adjust. you should be able to adapt and you should know what you are doing. The hospital wont book you again if you dont know what you are doing. How much does an agency nurse earn? remember what I said earlier, there is no stability in this line of work. so you would expect a higher rate
compared to a permanent staff from my personal experience as a scrub nurse the rate has been £22 – £37 that’s per hour and I think
you should be able to get something higher for weekends as well
it all depends on a hospitals’s needs agency and you know certain days in
weekend, bank holidays even so yes that’s a higher rate.
so Phillip any advice, for nurses who want to do agency work. yes just make sure that you’re allowed to do it visa restrictions and everything else
and you’re ready to do it and have enough experience to do it
basically you be booked again if you dont know what you are doing. The goal for the hospital to book you again. personally i struggled
on my first few shifts, I was surprised on how it was. It took me a few months. The most important advice I can give is, make sure you know how to handle your finances. so thank you feeling for your time and what to do want to tell our audience subscribe to my manong George hit that
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