UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital 2018 Kid Captain: Harper Stribe

– It was kind of an out-of-body experience those first days, but I
remember something being said that just triggered reality for me. And I just lost it. Reality hit and that my baby had cancer and that she was gonna
have the fight of her life. (subdued guitar music) In May of 2017 when Harper
came in from playing outside, we noticed her cheek was slightly swollen. She woke up the next morning and the swollen cheek was still there so we decided to take her to
our pediatrician’s office. – After a litany of tests and blood work they just felt like it
was a viral infection that was gonna have to
take its time to clear up. Still, over the course of the next week, things continued to progress, got bigger. She started to incur some pain. – [Nicole] We were back
again and saw an ENT. He felt it was a cyst or
something along those lines, and so he set up an MRI
for the very next morning. – [Nolan] At that point they started to kind of develop realistic
expectations with us that it may in fact be
something far more profound. – And by that afternoon
we received the call that it was not a cyst,
but it was a tumor. – [Nolan] 48 hours and we were here at the children’s
hospital learning the news that she was, in fact,
diagnosed with cancer. But we were very fortunate
that despite the fact that it wasn’t able to
be surgically removed that it was stage one and, I
guess at the end of the day, we’ll count our blessings that it happened in such a profound, easy place to see as opposed to some other part of her body where we may not have noticed it and neglected to address it so quickly. – [Nicole] So the type
of cancer Harper has is embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. Its cells are supposed
to grow into muscles but for whatever reason
don’t and become cancer. – [Nolan] Although in her
case, the tumor had spread, it was five plus centimeters long, kind of wrapped around her jaw bone, but we knew we were at the right place with the right experts. – [Nicole] The total protocol
for Harper’s treatment for embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma is 45 weeks with both radiation and chemotherapy. – [Nolan] Harper was having a tough day and as luck would have
it, it just happened to be the day that the therapy
dogs were on the 11th floor and they stopped by and… – [Nicole] That day and the
other days that they came were such a blessing to us. To give us 15 minutes of peace, to give her 15 minutes of peace. – [Nolan] The therapy dogs,
child-life specialists, the dance marathon students,
even some of the sports teams were nice enough to stop by and visit and just kind of lighten
her spirits on that day. – [Nicole] Harper is doing wonderfully. She had her end of treatment
scans the beginning of May 2018 and she got clear scans. Her hair is starting to grow back. She’s back at playing soccer. So if Harper’s care
team was here right now, what can you say but thank you? Thank you for saving our daughter. Thank you for being so gentle with her when she wasn’t feeling well. Thank you for pepping
her up when she was down and just wanted to go home. Your doctors can’t
guarantee what will happen with your child but they can guarantee that they will give you the
best care that they can. If you need a place to go for your child when you are in some
of the worst situations of your life, I don’t think
you can beat this hospital. (upbeat guitar music)

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  1. oh my gosh i go to her school! im so sorry i love harper. i hope she is feeling well. show here this part

    Harper, I am in 5th grade, I think you are the bravest kid ever. I hope you are better! -Adaya. (: <3 love you!

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