UI Health Diabetes Center & Endocrinology Clinic

I was scared I got a little depressed
started losing weight in addition to the 30 million Americans living with
diabetes more than 80 million people are pre-diabetic or at risk it’s time for
Chicagoans to be aware of the progression and learn how to prevent and
manage diabetes having diabetes increases your risk for a whole host of
different diseases so the longer you have diabetes that’s untreated or
uncontrolled you’re more likely to have complication there are certain risk
factors we do not have control of for example if we have family members with
diabetes the higher probability that we will have diabetes african-american
Latinos you have a higher risk we really treat a high rate of diabetes in the
city about 50% of our patients that get admitted to UI health hospital already
have diabetes at UI health were a DEA accredited to provide education to
patients and really the first treatment for any patient that is newly diagnosed
with diabetes is education many patients have had diabetes for a long time and
yet they don’t understand the basic things that they can change to improve
and manage diabetes such as following a healthy diet that was scared when I
first got diagnosed and it was because I was uneducated with about diabetes I
just automatically assumed that with the diabetes I’m done the benefit of coming
to UI health is that we have a team of not only doctors but scientists
educators we have hundreds of people actively performing research on diabetes
looking for cures looking for new ways to treat our patients to improve
outcomes I am so grateful that I started coming to UI health the level of care
was just above and beyond they genuinely do care finally after years and years of
not having my diabetes under control I can finally say that my diabetes is
under control and feel good about it visit diabetes dot u I help dot care and
learn how you eye health can help you manage and prevent complications with

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