UF Mobile Outreach Clinic’s ‘Nurse Ginny’ honored with Spirit of Gainesville Award

Hi, I’m Virginia Bruzzese, but I usually go
by “Nurse Ginny”, and I’ve been a nurse for 40-plus years and with the Mobile Clinic
now for nine years. The Mobile Clinic provides health care to people that are
uninsured, underinsured, homeless. But we have a lot of patients with chronic
health issues like diabetes and hypertension that can’t afford
healthcare. I certainly thoroughly enjoy working
with patients but I see myself being able to prolong and extend myself in
healthcare by being mentors to the other health professionals that are working on
the bus, undergrads, all the way up to residents are learning to have that
heart and compassion for serving the less served and underserved. My teaching
mostly is by serving as an example and my two rules are first that you treat
others as you would like them to treat you, and the other is to have fun at what
you’re doing, because if you’re enjoying what you do, that it comes across to
patients and they engage more and are much more comfortable because they feel
like you’re their family. It’s really inspiring to me that and I’m coming
towards the end of my career but that you know my life will hopefully you
know move on in the lives of the students and
people that I’ve worked with and that you know it will perpetuate and move on.

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