UF Health Florida Recovery Center expansion

I want to welcome everyone to the ribbon cutting
ceremony UF Health Florida Recovery Center. And I am very honored to have everyone here
today to celebrate this milestone and our promotion and expansion for the treatment
of substance abuse disorders. We are very excited because it helps us extend
our care even further into the community for individuals struggling with substance abuse
and addiction. This is a great day for not just UF Health,
this is a great day for patients and families that suffer from substance abuse disorders
and addiction. Addiction is a terrible disease. It’s a complex brain disease that afflicts
so many. In my own clinical practice I have seen the
impact. I have seen it destroy families. I have seen it destroy generations. I have seen it destroy careers. It has hurt people. It’s killed people. What is actually done in the building is something
that provides hope for people. This is an illness of tremendous stigma and
although we are making progress, were still, it is slow and so I think this building and
the commitment of the University helps address and reduce that stigma. I understand in many many different ways both
clinically and otherwise the impact that this kind of center can bring and the hope that
it can actually bring to people, so I want to say to all of you congratulations. The work that is actually going to be done
here is going to be terrific, it’s going to impact our community and it’s going to impact
our nation in many ways.

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