UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay: The Student Experience

[MUSIC] Mission Bay was actually something I had
not expected as a potential site for me. The hospital had just opened. When I got there, everything was amazing. It was beautiful. The hospital was enormous and
large with space for everything. They gave me space for my backpack. I had a computer to work at always. It was easy to get to. Pretty convenient by shuttle, by biking. And most importantly I think the people
at Mission Bay were just amazing. It’s something that you would totally
expect from a children’s hospital, like everybody is there
to take care of kids. To make them feel like they’re
not at a hospital, but just at a different time in
their life to get better. In terms of the wards, it’s just so
much teaching that happens there. You get to see bread and butter
pediatrics cases, just simple pneumonias to crazy diseases like Hyper IgE syndrome, lots of different conversion disorders,
things that I didn’t expect at all. And lots of age ranges as well. Technology was a huge
part about Mission Bay. There was a time when the attending would
type in notes into his computer and it would show up on
the patient’s huge TV screen. And it would consist of like, goals for today, things that we
talk about during rounds. Things that you can do today,
what are the activities on there. I don’t think any other hospital has so
many TUG robots going around at once. From a medical student perspective, the technology is ample,
you get plenty of computers to use. Everything feels less clunky,
a lot more modern, and it’s just very comfortable place to work. I had been afraid that maybe some of the
pediatric nurses would be very protective of their children. And not willing to let medical
students be alone with them or accidentally do something wrong or
say something. Not Kosher but that wasn’t the case, like
I would learn in the room with the nurses. I’d be able to chat with my patients,
no problem. So it was just a great experience. There are things that people
should be aware of, for rotations like pediatrics where you
don’t have to get there terribly early. The transportation there is pretty doable. The shuttle runs on time and
it gets you there. And it’s very easy to bike there. For anything else that might require
you to be there before 6 AM, is a little harder to get to. Everyone is there to help you. Everyone is there to make sure that
you get a great experience out of it. So I think it’s a great site.

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