UCLA Mobile Clinic Project

We have this incredible group of
undergraduates, graduate students, and medical students and doctors who
come here every week and provide direct medical services to people who really
need them. Something that we do that is really special is we provide them a
non-judgmental environment where we just sit and are with them and I’ve had
clients come to me consistently saying if people had treated them the way that
we do, they would have seen a doctor a long time ago. I’m proud of the mobile
clinic project because it is completely student-run so all the people that you
see here are students themselves from three different schools.
We’re from the Medical School, from the public health school and undergraduate
school. So we’re packaging vitamins for clients, and we pack a weeks supply so that way when clients come they have enough to last them until
the next clinic. There’s some clients that I’ve got to know over my time here
and I love seeing them and having them recognize me and we share a moment.
They’re not prejudging anybody which is great. They realize they have to deal with people that are at risk and they treat them very good. I feel
like it makes medical school actually seem kind of real because the past four
weeks you’ve been studying, going to lecture, and those are things
that are really important to medicine, but being able to use those two skills
and to give back is something that’s invaluable and really reminds
me why I decided to go into medicine in the first place.

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